RUSTIC FURNITURE...More and more citizens spend the summer months in the countryside, purchasing a gardens or as garden — houses in the villages.
How to equip a garden house or a rustic house? What furniture to choose? Many use for this purpose the situation which had been in a city apartment. However, this solution is not the best: the cottage is like a warehouse full of old sofas, cabinets and chairs. It is unlikely in this area is good for rest and relax because every thing reminds you of the bustle of the city.
Most suitable for garden furniture made of natural wood materials, beams, planks and rails, rather than standard, covered with plastic. The entire interior should emphasize the uniqueness of the situation and close relationship with the environment. Fans of tinkering with even the most small woodworking experience, can make this furniture yourself. And it will have a number of advantages before purchase, as designs customized “the size” and made with their own hands — will be particularly expensive.
We offer you several options for Seating, which will need the most common in rural areas, the material — Board 25X70 mm. Better, of course, if they are solid or semi-solid wood (birch, larch), but it’s perfect and soft (spruce, pine, Linden). Boards should always be well dried.
Chair bed
The figures represent two armchairs: one for a short rest during the day, and the second is for a night’s sleep. By the way, the mattress in the latter case, it is possible to fill a well-dried hay. Sleep on it — how in the hay! Just don’t forget to whip such a “feather bed”.
Fig. 1. The chair-bed.
Fig. 1. Chair bed:
1, the longitudinal element of the frame (25Х75Х1000 mm, 2 PCs.), 2 — cross member (25X75X350 mm, 3 PCs.), 3 — leg front (25X75X300 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — leg, rear (25X75X275 mm, 2 pieces), 5 — support bar (25X50X350 mm, 2 PCs.), 6 — cross member, seat (25Х75Х350 mm, 3 PCs.), 7 — front armrest (25X75X250 mm, 4 pieces), 8 — arm (25Х100Х400 mm, 2 PCs.) 9 backrest frame (25X75X600 mm, 2 pieces), 10 — cross member of the backrest (25X75X350 mm, 4 pieces) 11 — support of the backrest (25X50X275 mm, 2 PCs.), 12 — locking the backrest (Ø 25X450 mm), 13 — wheel (Ø 100X20 mm, 2 PCs.). A — Assembly of the back, B — Assembly of the armrest, In — build frame, G — installation of wheels, D — installation of crossbars of the seat.
For travel convenience the chair is fitted with wheels.
A simple chair
This design is simple and concise. Fabrication begins with the Assembly of the two side frames. The connection of elements is performed in the spike with spreading carpenter’s glue or epoxy. The frame parts of the seat are joined together by means of screws with countersunk heads. Of plates of the seat fit on the inside overhead rails and fixed against displacement by small nails or screws. Pretty important step — securing the backrest to the frame. For reliability it is better to apply the method with independent built-in cylindrical spikes on the glue.
Fig. 2. Easy chair.
Fig. 2. Easy chair:
1 — screed (25X75X380 mm, 2 PCs.), 2 — leg (25X75X625 mm, 4-piece), 3 element of the backrest (25X75X330 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — cross member of the backrest (25X75X300 mm, 4-piece), 5 — a cross-tie (25Х75Х480 mm, 3 PCs.), 6 — cross member, seat (25X75X400 mm, 6 PCs.), 7 — a longitudinal element of the frame (25X70X450 mm, 2 pieces), 8 — support bar (25X50X450 mm, 2 PCs.).

Finished chairs is to cover them with polyester or nitrocellulose lacquer. They create durable and transparent surface film retains even more shows the wood texture. The paint is applied in three or four layers, with intermediate Vykurovanie. If coating is done manually, you can use the swab or sponge, making sure the coating uniformity and time removing stains. Using a sprayer will reduce the time. Of course, when you work with him you need to have a respirator.
Rocking chair
This chair is very comfortable to relax in bad weather near the fireplace. As if the wind outside rocks the rocking chair, having to leisurely conversations and dreams.
This contributes to the possibility of changing the angle of the backrest and a soft pillow.
Fig. 3. Rocking chair.
Fig. 3. Rocking chair:
1, the longitudinal element of the frame (25Х75Х800 mm, 2 PCs.), 2 — cross member of the frame (25X75X350 mm, 3 PCs.), 3 — leg front (25X75X360 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — leg, rear (25X75X300 mm, 2 pieces), 5 — support bracket (25X50X300 mm, 2 PCs. 25Х50Х100 mm, 2 PCs.), 6 — crossbar (25X50X350 mm, 8 PCs.), 7, 8 — element runners (20X125X925 mm, 4 pieces; 25X125X925 mm, 2 PCs.) 9 — a support of the backrest (25X50X275 mm, 2 pieces), 10 — locking the backrest (Ø 25X450 mm), 11 — front armrest (25X75X275 mm, 4 PCs.), 12 — armrest (25X100X400 mm, 2 pieces), 13 backrest frame (25Х75Х600 mm, 2 pieces) And the Assembly frame B — installation of the seat and the runners, In the configuration of the runners.
The fit and finish of the swing is performed the traditional techniques. The pillows are made of sheet foam in several layers, depending on thickness. The covers are made of thick, soft material.

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