AIRBOATA little patience, a little care and you’ll make a great airboat, which will obediently follow your commands on the water. In order to build it, you will need: a piece of plywood with a thickness of 2 mm, a few wooden sticks, a piece of tin from a tin can and a wire thickness of 1 mm.

First, carefully mark out on the sheet of plywood and we cut the deck 1 and the bottom 2 of the boat. Side 3 make a good varnish impregnated cardboard. Frame 4 only one (see picture). It is necessary to cut from lime or birch boards with a thickness of 5 mm. Cut out the bow bar 6 are triangular in shape and the aft bar — transom 5. All the details necessary to interconnect the small nails and glue.
Now make a rubber motor. Anyone who has read our magazine last month, already knows how to make. The only difference is that the air screw 7 we cut from a solid plank. Bracket 8 fastened to the deck with screws from the children’s designer, a nose hook is fixed to the second end of the rubber motor. The wheel 9 will arch your from a piece of sheet metal by cutting it according to the drawing.

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