AND A COFFEE AND UNIVERSALA small low table, which habit is called the coffee actually becomes universal: se-godhna it can be “assigned” not only to the rest area with easy chairs and a floor lamp, but also to be in the nursery, become a bedside, and then “dining” for your morning coffee or a light dinner in a small circle of guests.
So you can call the table, the horizontal plane which is formed by three sheets of thick plywood. And the function it performs is also three: the actual tables, magazine racks and microbar for mineral water, juices.
The Foundation of the structure consists of two side frames with a width of 800 and height of 450 mm, assembled from strips of thickness 20 and 80 mm in width they are connected to the upper and lower cross members of the same bars. All connections made on a plug-in tenon with glue.
Fig. 1. Table with magazine rack
Fig. 1. Table with magazine rack:
1 — front frame 2 — minimovie strap, 3 — strap, horizontal frame, 4 — bag magazine racks, 5, 10 — cross member. 6 — counter, 7 — brackets, magazine racks, 8, 9 — bottom leaves.

Between the frames on the support slats, nailed to laths laid in a shortened leaf-top. There is also the window for the bag-magazine racks, suspended on two rails, similar to the crossbars of the frame (or made up of four strips of plywood, which is sandwiched between pairs of top of the bag). Under this bracket the magazine racks on the inner walls of the upper bars of the frames selected landing grooves: magazine rack can be hung here, and, if necessary, to take out, say, for cleaning.
At the bottom of the table is attached to the bottom sheet, two bars and addresess sheet — with holes for bottles.
R and p.2.Bunk table
R and S. 2.Bunk table:
1 — bars supports,2 — racks, 3 — side box 4 — the bottom of the box,5 — Board “gutter”.

After Assembly the whole structure is carefully processed – with sandpaper and covered with several layers of clear furniture varnish. If this requires interior trim may be different — for example, by treatment of wood stain or painted with enamel paints. In addition, the table will fit well in the room, if the fabric magazine racks will be the same as the curtains on the Windows or upholstery.
Its design is so unusual that coffee table it is difficult to name — rather, it is a kind of outdoor shelf. However, it is very convenient: in the upper “groove” and the bottom drawer can accommodate not only Newspapers and magazines but also books, folders, dossiers, and it can be
Fig. 3. Table of sheet
Fig. 3. Table from a sheet:
1 — legs, 2 — sidewall countertop, 3 — top, 4 — crossbar.

Going to a fancy table with seven boards section 20X200 mm and two bars as legs. The connection parts are combined: in racks with boards “trough” counter — slit-grooves, with the other elements — screws on a joiner or epoxy glue. Perhaps the main advantage of this option is not even that it can be used as coffee, and as a kind of party for preschoolers. More importantly, if necessary this table can be easily disassembled, turning into a flat stack of individual plates.
The source material is a particleboard or plywood with a minimum thickness of 12 mm. the figure shows how to cut the sheet, to get all elements of the design. G-shaped workpiece is legs; two narrow strips of sidewall countertops; long Board with slots — crossbar. The latter is inserted in the slot of the legs and their grooves closes them, being lowered to the stop. The sides of the worktops are mounted on a round plug-in thorns with glue (carpentry, casein, PVA), and with the legs connected to the furniture bolts or screws. If in the legs to prepare the holes in the several rows, you can adjust the height of the table.
R and p. 4. The module table
R and S. 4. The module-table:
1 – back panel 2 – siritelny strap, 3 — tabletop, 4, 5 — side panel; B – scheme of folding side panels.

The monotony of the planar components of the table will become invisible if they are painted with bright enamel paints, choosing a different color for the table top and legs (possible coloring are shown in the color section).
Unfurling his wings, in an instant, get box table, countertop which can be increased by pristykovyvayas one or more such modules.
Material for production is plywood 12 mm thick or particle Board — in both cases, vertical panels, it is advisable to cut round the window: this will greatly facilitate the table because it is intended to be retractable.
The basic design consists of four panels: three vertical and one horizontal. All of them are connected with piano hinges so that after folding into a flat package. This sidebar already doubled back on which they are imposed; and the top fastens using siritelny bar for smooth lowering countertops in the fixed sidewall. Strap attaches to back panel on a round plug-in thorns with glue or screws, which are pre-drilled holes slightly smaller diameter. Strap width should be two times the thickness of the material panels.
According to the magazine “DO it YOURSELF”, pnrm., “Housholder”, England.

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