WALLPAPER NO WALLPAPERWallpaper — this word spins, usually in the head before the repair. Wish they were beautiful and fashionable, to blend in with the furniture… But run around shopping, not always pick up something about the dream. You can, of course, triple the quest to connect friends and friends… We invite you to direct your efforts in a completely different direction. Buy white emulsion paint and a few jars of conventional art gouache — and you forget what part in the shop “Everything for home”.
Inspect the walls of the room. Finding loose pieces of Wallpaper, neatly connected their better bustilatom or poly-vinyl acetate glue. Torn seat seal any thick paper — it will not affect the future appearance of the room.
After finishing the preparatory work on a piece of cardboard or heavy paper mixed with latex paint and gouache. Having achieved the desired color, dilute with the same paint in the Bank. Please note that after drying, the paint fades, so the applied tone should be more juicy.
The markup of the brick masonry
Painted walls over Wallpaper best homemade wide fleytsem. Is plywood or wooden handle to which the string is taped to the foam. The advantage of this “brush” you will see very soon: it doesn’t leave rough brush strokes, apply paint sparingly. To cover the walls should be two or three layers with intermediate drying in an hour and a half. The last layer leave it alone for a day.
Now select the method of drawing on the walls depending on the purpose of the room and your capabilities. More interesting and easier to decorate the nursery. It is easy to use ornaments, stylized images of flowers, leaves, birds or animals. Some of them are shown on the drawings. To put these pictures on the walls using stencils. For example, to make a camomile wall, you’ll need sets of stencils, three-and four-dimensions. For one chamomile the kit will be two tra faret: one core yellow, the second white petals.
Version of the figure created from the mud using only two stencils
Version of the picture that is created by using only two stencils.
The picture can be complicated by adding stems and leaves, they require additional stencils. By combining them, you can get many options of floral ornaments.
A bit about the technology of the picture. Sami stencils cut out of cardboard — thick and thin. Don’t forget the jumper — without them, the stencil will fall apart. If the image is two-tricolor, for it will require a set of two or three pieces. In order to combine them correctly, you need to cut a couple of holes. In the future, pushing the cardboard to the wall, apply on the wall of the notch and define the other parts of the image.
For printing it is easiest to use the enamel spray. They perfectly fit for latex based, have good hiding power and therefore consumption is not as significant as it might seem at first glance. However, it is not always possible to find a suitable paint color. Then use the same mixture of gouache and “vodoemulsionki” and a foam pad. With the help of stencils it is easy to create a variety of patterns. However, having got the hand, you can do free painting. It takes a few more, but the walls are more effective.
Very naturally, for example, looks like a brick pattern. Of course, not in the rooms and in the hallway, lobby or kitchen. Play it is not difficult. In any case, much easier than buying a Wallpaper with a texture.
Ways to paint walls
Ways to paint walls
First of all, apply the Wallpaper the basic tone — brick-brown or pink-beige. Then spread a little more dark paint, crumple a half sheet of newspaper and dipping the resulting “pad” in the paint, walk them on the wall, like “blotting” it. In the same way, apply the paint of lighter shade. To lay out a figure laying is possible with twine, grated chalk. This should be done together. Firmly holding the string, pull it away from the wall and abruptly let go. There will be a thin chalk line. Now mix the grey paint — “under the cement,” adding that bleach black mascara. The joints between the “bricks” need by hand: these look much more natural. To “brick” the wall looked like a real, cut from cardboard a dozen plates in the size of the painted bricks, paint, and glue in several places.
There is another way to create interesting textures using a paint roller. After painting the Wallpaper is the main tone wrap cushion Lykov with normal urine and with the help of this tool apply a pattern on the wall. What comes out of it — you can see in our drawings.
Variants of this kind of transformation can be as you like, and if you are tired of the old pattern, not in a hurry to peel the Wallpaper off the walls. They still serve you in a different, updated form. And no matter how you did this nice work, one thing remains indisputable: these Wallpapers as you will not no one else.

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