ELEKTRODINAMIKAA delicious and useful product — sauerkraut. Practical housewife, harvest it in the autumn as in the countryside and in the city. And the most time-consuming operation here is to shred the cabbage. Use and sharp long knives, and a special chopping. But no manual beats the convenience and efficiency with electric that you can do with your hands, taking some parts from an old washing machine.

The General structure of electrosensory simple: on a metal frame, welded from steel angles 20X20 mm, mounted the motor and the bearing of the working disc with three knives. Rotation by the engine is transmitted by a belt drive. The body of a mandolin, enclosing a working drive, has an inlet with feed hopper and output window. For convenience of operation the frame is mounted on legs-supports, welded steel angles to a working drive was 30° inclined from the horizontal. This simplifies loading of the funnel and the supply of cabbage under the knife.
The most important part of shredding — a working disc with three knives. It is carved from duralumin sheet thickness of 2 mm To increase the stiffness of the edge abortives floor right angle 10 mm. Outlining the installation location of the knives in the disk cut through three Crescent-shaped Windows, and then the cutting edge is extruded to 6 mm above the plane of the disk, as shown in figure 2. On the platform on the sin rivets are mounted sickle knives. The best material for them — a leaf from a mechanical hacksaw or blade of the scythe. Somewhat easier to make a straight knife, but the saber is better in the work. Remove the cabbage “noodles” from under the drive will help three dural area, riveted from the opposite sides of the knife disk.
Body chopping is composed of two parts: the casing of the working disk and cover with charging funnel. To do both parts can be either of steel sheet with thickness 0.75 mm, connecting joints gas welding or from material of the housing of the washing machine on aluminum rivets or aluminum sheet with a link rolling.
Fig. 1. The device is an electric shredding
Fig. 1. The device is an electric shredding:
1 — hopper, 2 — cover, 3 — clamping screw, 4 — wheel, 5 — frame, 6 — motor, 7 — drive pulley, 8 — sling, 9 — cover of the working disc 10 — the case of the bearing unit, 11 is the shaft of the working disc 12 — the bearing № 80202.

Fig. 2. Working disk electrosensory
Fig. 2. Working disk electrosensory:
1 — knife, 2 — disc, 3 — disc hub, 4 — corner, 5 — corner rivet, 6 — rivet knife
R and p. 3. The working area of the shredding
R and S. 3. The working area of the shredding:
1 — wheel, 2 — hopper, 3 — adjusting base plate, 4 — knife.

The bearing of the working disk constitute a housing, a shaft and two bearing No. 80202. The housing is welded horizontally to the area of 20X20 mm and vertical steel plate thickness: 3 mm Two holes in the bottom shelf area for fixing the box to the frame, and two vertical shelf and one in the upper plate in order to attach the protective housing of the working disk.
Details V-belt reduction gearing from engine to drive borrowed from the washing machine. The belt tension is regulated by the position of the engine: the slots it bolts on the frame allow you to slightly modify the center distance.
Adjustment of the working body is not the gap of 3-5 mm between the base plate of the feed hopper and knives, and slice thickness is determined by the structure of the working disc: the height of the knife relative to the disc.
Spectrochimica with razor-sharp knives to cope with the head in seconds, so to prevent injury to the flow of shredded vegetables to the rotating disk should be a wooden pestle.
V. MALYSHEV, Blagoveshchensk, Amur OBP.

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