AND SHVETS, AND THE REAPER...Microstructure and tillers become a way of life. Now they are indispensable our helpers in the garden, the garden, the mowing. But I’m curious. With the expansion of the range of works on the plot machined by various means, often have to deal with the problem of accumulation on a farmstead. engine microstructural and tillers, motores and motociclos, saws, and water pumps.

This is, firstly, material costs. Any of these units is expensive, requires fuel or electricity. Second, a considerable loss of time in care and maintenance. Thirdly, you need a lot of space for storage.
Is this rational? I think not. A more appropriate way, in our opinion, elect those who seek to mechanize the work using motosredstva, built on a modular principle — one mechanical “heart” for a few units.
Today we offer to meet with the design microtracker our reader from Krasnodar region Alexander Koshkin, the main advantage of which is versatility.
His mini-tractor and the devices with which it is equipped, in many respects similar to those which at various times published in the pages of “M-K”. So do not give detailed drawings of individual units — only the description. Of interest is the concept of a universal small-scale mechanization of agricultural works.
I have to say: with the advent of universal microstructure to rest, I became more. The devices with which I have equipped, save a lot of time. But more on that later, first about the machine itself.
Its traditional layout With a rear axle and front steering wheels. The description and drawings, such is not met in the “M-K”.
As the power unit uses the engine ZID-4,5. Torque from him through the clutch and transmission (both are from the GAZ-51) arrives at the transfer mechanism, the PTO shaft and rear axle, is taken from the “Moskvich-401”.
Unlike the rear the front axle is homemade. Pivotally mounted (see the picture), it’s nice to track irregularities in the ground. Wheel Ø500 mm and 740 from discarded farming machinery.
Microfracture dimensions: length 2200, width 1360, height 1680 mm. the trolley Weight 750 kgs. Maximum speed 25 km/h.
Pattern aggregation
The scheme of aggregation:
1 — lathe Chuck actuator, 2 — tools (drill, milling cutter, emery wheel), 3 — saw, 4 — winch with ratchet clutch, 5 — water pump 6 — the mill-peeling mill, 7 — Hiller, 8 — manual one-wheel plough, 9 — harrow.
Now about the main thing-that with it to do: to transport in the trolley till 80 kg of cargo, to plow and harrow trailed implements. But it’s on large plots of land. If the plot is small, my son and I leave the tractor on the road, he hung on rear winch with ratchet clutch, put the cable on the opposite end of the plot and hook hand one-wheeled plough. Son turns on and off the winch, and I plow, harrowed or Spud, depending on a hinged unit. Thus, we treated area, even through the fence.
On a tractor you can also hang a circular saw, a pump for irrigation or a mill-kruporushka. They are driven by a chain from a small lathe Chuck (it clamped asterisk), which is located above the rear axle and connected with a PTO of belt drive. If the saw or mill suddenly jammed, the belt probucol and will protect the unit from damage.
Instead of the sprocket in the lathe Chuck can clamp drill, end mill or the axis of a wheel grinder — here you have more examples of operations that are performed using the engine microfracture: drilling, milling and turning.
In short, I’m happy with my wagon!
FROM THE EDITOR. The engine is ZID-4,5 rare in homebrew designs, although intended for installation on self-propelled machinery. Maybe he’s just unknown to a wide circle of lovers of design? In any case, for those ZID-4,5 interested, here’s the basic data: carbureted, four-stroke, single-cylinder internal combustion engine with air cooling and displacement volume of the cylinder is 250 cm3; the compression ratio is 5.3; the nominal capacity of 4.5 HP; speed of the crankshaft of this power is not more than 2000 rpm; ZID-4,5 are equipped with integrated gear, shaft which rotates at a speed of 333 rpm in first gear and at a speed of 687 Rev/min in the second. Fuel consumption 1.5 kg/h ignition System with flywheel magneto starting — cord or crank, dimensions: 615X490X678 mm; dry weight engine 65 kgs.
Produced ZID-4,5 Ufa motor-building production Association.

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