RACKHome craftsmen involved in hand-making furniture, often go the traditional way, by repeating the industrial design or, at best, borrowing from them the constructive scheme. The latest development comes down to two options: a supporting structure made of timber covered with thin sheet material (plywood, hardboard) ready or used plywood or chipboard (particleboard), which serve as the basis and decorative trim furniture. Very rarely in a makeshift structures use details load-bearing frame made of metal. However, its use can greatly simplify the creation of a resident’s household furniture and save a tree. For example, if a steel pipe set in the spacers between floor and ceiling, to plant a few shelves, you will receive an original bookcase.
Of course, for its production will need plywood sheets for the shelves, stretch marks, ensuring the rigidity (a thin metal tube, a cylindrical wooden spokes or nylon cord). In addition, plywood is also possible to manufacture outdoor Cabinet with sliding drawers and a ceiling mezzanine.
The basis of this stack tubular rack, mounted in the spacers between floor and ceiling: the lower end rests on a rubber gasket and the upper end is closed with a plug wrapped in her pointed threaded stud, which is included in the conical hole of the upper support is a metal plate glued to it with rubber gasket. For mounting of shelves in rack tubular drill hole Ø 6 mm and 250-350 mm, depending on the number of shelves. Shelves cut out of thick plywood or chipboard (particleboard). They have the shape of a square of side 600 mm. Shelves are fixed to the pipe with steel clamps of rods Ø 6 mm. in addition, the corners of the shelves are connected by thin tubes. By the way, instead you can use the stretch of the nylon cord, we just pass it through holes drilled in the shelves along the diagonals. Beautiful weave stretch marks will give designs delicate appearance.
And harsh stretch marks, B — variant with stretch marks from nylon cord:
1 — tubular stand, 2 — shelf, 3 — stretch (tube Ø 14 mm) 4 — side panel of the sliding drawer, 5 — front-panel sliding drawer, 6 — bottom, 7 — side panel cabinets, 8 — furniture wheels, 9 — extensions from a nylon cord.
If the bottom shelf attach side, you get a convenient cupboard under the sliding drawers. At the top of the wall units also can be equipped with a closed volume ceiling mezzanine. It consists of three walls, and doors hung on piano hinge to a wooden bar attached to the ceiling. Material for closed containers and the sliding of the drawer is the same.
The use of tubular strut as the basic bearing element construction allows you to make shelves rotating, which greatly simplifies access to the contents of furniture regardless of its location in the room and the depth of the tanks. The pipe turned freely, it must be installed on the bearing (well suited release bearing from the clutch of the car). The lower end of the pipe rests on the movable ring and the stationary ring of the bearing is fixed on the floor. Upper end of the tube is placed in a ceiling-mounted hub.
Rotating tubular strut.
Rotating the tubular strut:
1 — bearing housing, 2 — bearing, 3 — reducer sleeve, 4 — glass top mount, 5 — rubber gasket.
Mount shelves.
The attachment of shelves:
1 swivel shelf, 2 — clip, 3 — rotating tubular strut.

Shelves are fixed in the same way as in the previous design. But since they revolve, each of them consists of two parts: rotating and stationary. First — round — installs on tubular rack, the second is attached to the wooden frame of the Cabinet. Both of these can be cut from one square piece with sides 800 mm. To do this, mark the center with a space from one of the sides of 450 mm and hold the two circle Ø 600 and 620 mm. Dvadtsatimillimetrovymi gap is used to install fence made of thin Plexiglas.
The box itself is best placed in the corner of the room to use the walls to mount shelves. In this case, the entire wooden frame will consist of two vertical bars. One of them is installed the door and the other wall of sheet of plywood.
Corner Cabinet with rotating shelves.
Corner Cabinet with rotating shelves:
1 — door, 2 — piano loop, 3 — wooden counter, 4 — the fixed part of the shelf, 5 — turning part shelves, 6 — side wall Cabinet, 7 — rotating tubular strut, 8, 9 — a fence made of thin Plexiglas.
The advantage of the Cabinet with rotary shelves is that despite its considerable depth, the contents are always easy to find.
Using multiple rotary tubular racks, you can make a Suite that replaces the traditional wall. The drawings show several options of furniture with swivel shelves. Each supporting frame consists of a tubular rotary racks and vertical stands of timber. In the first two variants there is only one wall. Second wall form a door attached on the corners to the steering rack with shelves. The third and fourth walls — the walls of the room, as both versions is designed for a corner location. All the proposed schemes differ from each other in the form of shelves and therefore the way of opening doors.
Wall unit with rotary shelves.
Wall unit with rotary shelves.
Wall unit with rotating shelves (A linear wall with swivel-90° shelves, B — line wall with rotating shelves and doors, — a combined corner wall unit):
1 — door, 2 — shelves, 3 — mounting corners, 4 fixed shelves, 5 wooden racks, 6, 7 — a fence made of thin acrylic plastic, 8 — side panel, 9 — rotary tube rack.
Option A. shelves to represent a quadrant of a circle, so the door only open 90°.
Option B. shelves are in the shape of a semicircle. This allows them to freely swivel together with the door around the tubular stand. This solution is very convenient because it does not affect the location of the wardrobe in the room.
Option B. This design is a combination of corner Cabinet, with round shelves and attached to it by sections, made according to the options of A.
Ceiling unit.
Ceiling mezzanine:
1 — side, 2 — ceiling beam cross-section 26Х60мм, 3 — piano hinge, 4 —door, 5 — bottom, 6 — mounting brackets.
Tubular stand.
Tubular strut:
1 pipe Ø 50 mm, 2 — plug, 3 — stud M20, 4 — steel plate Ø 80 mm, 5, 6 — rubber gaskets.

All the offered speakers are manufactured with outdoor sliding drawers and a ceiling mezzanine.
For decoration you can use the same Wallpaper for the walls. This design will make the furniture invisible in the General interior. Perhaps another decoration in the room, except the walls, there is furniture. Under colour of its upholstery, you can choose the fabric and Bustilat to hang her furniture.
V. RAWSKI, engineer, Sverdlovsk

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