TV ON WHEELSIt is difficult to imagine modern apartment without a TV. This is no accident: after all, he brings home the flow of information, entertains adults and children. Sometimes TV is part of the video-music center, which requires a certain space. There is no longer do his regular legs: need some kind of stand or table with shelves, and preferably on wheels.
With such designs, and introduces readers to today’s edition of “Club home of the masters”.
Stationary TV position on the legs or in the partition wall is not always convenient to watch programs only from certain locations in the room. But this problem is easily solved if their own to make a small stand or table with wheels.
The proposed design calculated under the TV medium in size. Therefore, their dimensions in plan (length and width) can be adjusted. The height does not change, since it is due to the eye level of a person sitting in the chair.
The primary construction material is particle Board (chipboard) with a thickness of 15 mm was not chosen randomly: they are easy to acquire. Processing DSP does not require special fixtures and tools — regular hacksaw, hand or electric drill — to drill holes under the round (false) spikes. Chipboard, in addition, opens up opportunities for decorative finishing of surfaces. Here are some tips. Coating adhesive film under the tree — the easiest way of decorating. It can be collected as a paste over the design of, and separate workpiece.
Well fit into the interior telescopic, papered walls or fabric in the color of the curtains, Drapes. In this case, before you apply the decorative layer, you need DSP to process an emery paper and to paste over with Newspapers. Wallpaper and fabric glue regular glue or PVA. To protect the surface it is applied a layer of light or dark furniture Polish.
No less aesthetically pleasing look products finished with wood veneer. It can cover stain and ulcerate, having a repeating color TV Cabinet or other furniture. Okleivayut veneer only of the workpiece.
Wheel holder.
Wheel stand:
1 — side, 2 — horizontal communication, 3 furniture wheels, 4 — shelf, 5 — strap.
TV stand
Simple design, consisting of two side walls (their shape may be different), shelves, horizontal connectivity, furniture wheels and two horizontal beams for installation of TV. The parts are joined together on the wooden round plug-in thorns planted on the glue (epoxy, carpenter’s, casein, PVA) and screws.
First, you need to cut it out of chipboard all details and choose the kind of decoration: depending on the decorative material to glue it before or after Assembly.
Further, a lower shelf connected to a horizontal connection basis so that in cross section it turned out the letter T. Then, combining this element with the grooves of the sidewalls, connect them with screws. Now in the upper grooves on the glue and insert the studs, attach two wooden planks. Them the holes the diameter of the legs is set to TV.
Wheel table
In contrast stands this design is more universal. It can be used as a table under the TV, and as a coffee table.
The table is assembled from pre-cut parts. First side frame connected to the bottom flange of the round plug-in thorns on glue and screws. Then in each of the four corners of the bottom of assembled box legs with wheels and turn the table on its side, – the front frame. Doing the same with another frame design set in a normal position and lock the shelf to the horizontal cross members of all frames with screws. On the inner side of the vertical parts of the frames with the same offset from the upper ends of the drill holes for the pins to install the glass shelves. Glass for it should be selected with a minimum thickness of 4 mm. Tabletop is fixed on the eight round plug-in thorns, which can be made of wood and metal.
Wheel table.
Wheel table:
1 — side frame, 2 furniture wheels, 3 — plank-feet, 4 — front frame, 5 — bottom shelf, 6 — counter, 7 — glass shelf.
N. FEDOTOV, architect

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