WATER IN A COUNTRY HOUSEIt is difficult now to imagine urban and rural life with no running water. Well, if the centralized water supply there, and the next well, the simplest solution is to use to lift water the pump. However, this is half the battle. The water supply system of the house should include a holding tank, and elements of the automatic control pump, and supplies network. Because of that design decision here can be very diverse. About some of them today to tell our readers.
Water bath…
The installation of a traditional scheme with an upper discharge capacity (see Fig.) it is most convenient to place in the attic of a country house. Pick up a big — 200 liters — tank, preferably of stainless steel or aluminum. The usual barrel to protect against corrosion it is necessary to thoroughly cover the inside with waterproof paint. I as a water tank used enamel tub. Although it is heavy, but has considerable volume, will not rust, and its output and overflow holes are convenient for connection to the system.
To operate home water supply throughout the year, the capacity will have to insulate. Enclose it in a wooden box and fill in the gaps between the walls and tub insulation — sawdust, slag, expanded clay. On top of the bathtub to close the wooden cover, and she set the box elements automatic control — level sensors.
Scheme equipment of a country house auxiliary water supply.
The scheme of equipment of a country house auxiliary water supply system:
1 — a inlet with filter, 2 — pump, 3 — wells, 4 — tube, 5 — gas cylinder 6 — return pipe water heating system, 7 — cooler, 8 — gas Vodogray, 9 — expansion tank 10 — feed pipe 11 gas pipe, 12 — control unit pump, 13 — drawer, 14 — discharge capacity (bath), 15 — float 16 — arm, 17 — insulating material 18 upper cover, 19 — compartment controls 20 — control pull box 21 — the upper-level sensor 22, the axis of the swing lever 23, the lower level sensor, 24 — overflow pipe, 25 — solenoid valve 26 — gas stove, 27 — to the consumers cold water 28 — to consumers hot water, 29 sewer pipe 30 to the drain well.
To automatically maintain in the tank a constant water level and equip a bath regulating float device. Its design can be very diverse and depends mainly on the applied switches. Contactless is considered the most reliable, so I used two switch the type of BVK. A lever with a float at its lower end pivotally mounted in the brackets of the cover and when you change the level in the tank moves the top shoulder traction control with aluminum pins glued pieces of foil. The dimensions of the levers and the location of the sensors selected so that they are triggered by the minimum and maximum water level in the tank.
Country house with such a water supply is to Supplement and sewer system. To do this in the yard in 10-15 m from the house dig a pit depth of 1.5—2 m and zabetonirovana or overlaid brick wall. Even easier for this purpose to use a section of steel or concrete pipe Ø 700-1000 mm. Sewer pipe for draining the used water must have Ø 100-150 mm. In the ground they should be laid at a depth of not less than 600-700 mm with a small bias towards the collecting well.
If in your village there has been an exchange of gas cylinders or a Central gas supply, your water supply will provide the house with all the amenities of a city apartment. With a gas podogreet type AGV-80, AGV-120 — water heating, and gas column — hot water for household needs. The only addition to the water system in this case, install the solenoid valve that overlaps the feed pipe from the pressure tank. It is necessary for the water column were collected directly from the pump. Moreover, its pressure is higher than when they are fed from a pressure tank, and valve gas regulator will work reliably.
N. HOREV, station Doskino, Gorky region.
Under the pressure of the air
Installing a water tank in the attic is probably the easiest solution, but I thought it was perfect enough. Indeed, to obtain good pressure capacity should be raised high enough, and for normal operation in the winter requires a complicated insulation. I decided to do otherwise.
My water tank is stainless steel with a capacity of about 60 l, has only one outlet at the bottom. On top of it sealed the lid of the PCB. Pump installed in the well, supplying water from the standpipe with non-return valve in the supply system and in parallel in the tank. Because the latter communicates with the atmosphere, the air above the level is gradually compressed and, acting as a pneumatic spring, pushing the water out of the tank, creates the necessary pressure. This scheme allowed to place a pressure tank in the cellar. Because there is no winter and freezing temperatures, the insulation turned out to be unnecessary.
Water with pneumonia.
Water with pneumonia:
1 — inlet with non-return valve 2 — pump, 3 — pressure tank, 4 well, 5 — control unit, 6 — manometer, 7 — valve, 8 — level sensors, 9 — supply pipe.
Operation of pump controls simple thyristor device, automatically maintaining a predetermined water level. The simplest sensors are two electrode from copper wire Ø 2.5 mm. They are bolted to textolite cap of the tank so that the distance between their tips was 15-20 mm, and the top of them was at the level at which the air in the tank is compressed to 1-1. 5 ATM.
The control system operates as follows. When the water level in the tank reaches the top, the shorter electrode, the thyristor (see Fig.) opens, relay opens the contacts through which voltage is supplied to the pump motor. At the same time a pair of normally open contacts will connect the electrodes of the sensor. When the consumption of the water level falls below both electrodes, the electric circuit “electrodes — water — tank wall — mass” open, thyristor is closed and the relay will release the anchor. The pump will again be included in the network and will start to supply water.
The scheme of the control unit.
The scheme of the control unit.
Necessary condition of efficiency of the system is the tightness of the pressure tank and check valve of the intake. Therefore, the cover is mounted to the tank bolts through the rubber gasket. Bolt holes of electrodes drilled with minimal clearance and the Assembly sealed with rubber washers. In case of leakage from a tank of compressed air pressure in the system that determines the pressure, it is possible to recover podkachal the air pump. For this purpose in the top cover bumps nipple valve from a Bicycle or motorcycle cameras. Pressure sufficient for domestic needs and for watering the garden.
BERDNIKOV, p. Vasilevo of Zelenodolsky R-n, the Tajik SSR
“Of puskach” for pump
I want to share the experience with those who use to lift water from deep wells with electric pumps of the centrifugal type. So the pump was always ready to work, it needs to be constantly filled with water. But if the check valve inlet is insufficiently sealed, after stopping the water can escape from the inlet tube, which would hinder the subsequent start-up. Get rid of concerns to help fill a small modification of the system. Install between pump and water inlet small intermediate tank, as shown in the figure. Before the first start-up fill the tank with water and tightly close the filler neck by a threaded cap with gasket. As the pump connected to the bottom of the tank, and the inlet — to the top, the water will not go there even with a faulty check valve and the mechanism will always be ready to work. Moreover, if the tank is fairly long, and each pipe is allocated from the bottom point, and indented a few inches from the bottom, the extra capacity will serve as a filter tank.
The pump from filling the tank.
With the electric pump filling the tank:
1 — inlet pipe, 2 — filling tank 3 — fuel filler neck, 4 — pump, 5 — output pipe of the pump.
A. POTAPOV, G. Kalach-na-Donu

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