SOFA CONVERTIBLEThe picture online garden sofa which can be transformed into a table with two benches, inspired by its design. Nothing really new come did not, but decided to replace the wooden frame on metal of steel tubes of rectangular and square (those that were available) – after all the product was supposed to operate in the garden, under the open sky. In addition, simplified and design – has ruled out a bench.

Defining dimensions, depicted in the graphic editor of the “geometry” of the General form of the product designated place swivel. Drew details. Said their connections to the nodes. In the end, here is the list of parts and Assembly units:
1. The frame of the table – 2.
2. Frame bench – 1 PCs.
3. Support Desk – 1 PC.
4. The crate Desk – 7 PCs.
5. Crate benches – 4 PCs.
6. Axle – 2 PCs.
7. Focus – 2.
8. Metal screws 4×40 – 44 PCs.
Transformed from a sofa table and bench
Transformable from a sofa a table and a bench:
1 – l-shaped bracket Desk frame (2); 2 – frame bench; 3 – bearing; 4 – crate-table; 5 – crate benches; 6 – axle (2 pieces); 7 – emphasis (2); 8 – metal screws (44 pieces); 9 – bearing the cross benches (2 PCs); 10 – proleg; 11 – proleg benches

Materials needed:
pipe section 40X25X2 mm 3700 mm;
pipe section 25Х25Х2 mm – 5700 mm;
Board section 25Х80 length 1240 mm – 11 PCs
You will also need a special axle and lugs, machined on a lathe, according to the drawings.
To cut parts of the Desk frame of tube section 25*40 mm and weld the two l-shaped bracket folding table-back; to make a steel stub ends; mark and drill the holes for the hinges and stops.
To prepare the details of the benches of the pipe section 25Х40 mm and 25X25 mm and weld the right and left sides of the bench frame; welded end caps; mark and drill holes for hinges and stops; welding the connecting strut.
To cut parts of the table from the pipe 25X25 mm to flip a U-shaped (inverted) legs; welded end caps; drill holes for hinges; weld connecting strut.
To clean up all the welds and paint the frames with oil paint.
Cut to size wooden planks of the sheathing, sanding and coating impregnation for wood of pleasant shade.
Bolted to the frame of the bench and to the frame of folding table-backless wooden crate.
Insert the axle and stops and flared them at the place.
In the end, in the garden there is a comfortable bench that turns into table with bench. Such a pair of transform-ing forms of the Banquet table. It is convenient to have these tables-benches and a terrace.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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