SOFAThe idea of the sofa”dastarkhan” is not a chance. To her, I nudged the inconvenience of using the usual furniture in a small Dorm room and later in a Studio apartment. Based on the design of the sofa I took the principle of folding z-beds, choosing the most I liked the design scheme. All the details of the “dastarkhan” – a homemade, as industrial does not suit me. The largest item is a wooden frame made of pine boards. Him with the help of window hinges four independent from each other folding partition. Each has three swivel. Application in one window, and piano hinges justified, as in the unfolded position, the hinge rests on the frame and any load does not perceive. The connection of all of the wooden parts of the frame and folding of the sections in the thorn. The legs of the sofa (and folding sections) made of birch.

Each section has a width of 460 mm, the clearance between them is 5 mm. When folded the middle two sections on their site fits a standard table width of 800 mm.
In order to obtain single or semi-double bed, enough to put one or two sections. If you pull out three, you get a double bed. The sofa turns into a “dastarkhan” pivoted all four sections, while its width is 1855 mm. In the East, where so popular dastarkhan, this design can be a godsend. In the frame of the sofa has space for linen storage. Armrests are mounted on the miniature desks, the designs of which are taken system pedestal table with pull-out legs on hinges. The length of the sofa with retracted tables 2130 mm, with throw — 2570 mm. as the material for the manufacture of pillows used foam 30 mm thick, laid in two layers and covered the furniture with a cloth.
1 — frame sofa, 2 — sofa-part, 3 — leg folding sections, 4 — feet frame, 5 — armrest with folding table, 6 — frame right side, 7 — a frame left side wall, 8 — feet swivel, hinged, 9 — piano loops, 10 is the window hinges.
Where it was necessary to create a bulge, added batting. For beauty, I sewed in cushions, decorative buttons, which are made of textolite with a thickness of 1.5 mm and covered with material. The sofa is very compact, easy to dismantle; it can be dispensed with or without chairs, or their minimum quantity.
In three years of operation it proved to be very convenient and reliable.
R. BADERTDINOVA, Kachkanar, the Sverdlovsk region.

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