WORKSHOP BEHIND THE MIRRORThe problem of rational use of living space in modern apartments often apologize for the pun rests on the angle: it is here that often lies untapped reserve of space and it is here that there are a variety of options for filling it out. One of the suggestions of this solution has offered its readers the magazine “Burda”: this is a multifunctional corner wardrobe. At first glance it may seem that in the corner is just a cupboard with a mirror. However, bedside table unusual triangular — shape, and the mirror attached on the shield, closing the angle on her, and covered with the same Wallpaper as the walls, whereby the angle becomes invisible. Above the mirror are two wooden turntables.


If they turn the shield drops: it is connected with a bedside table with a piano hinge. In the process of lowering of the shield will begin to move and mirror, wooden panel which is connected to the shield too with a piano hinge. Dropping the shield turns into a table, and the mirror panel becomes the supporting “leg”. Behind them opened a corner space will appear in the form of a multi-tiered rack of triangular shelves; same hidden doors and cupboards. Essentially, the entire structure is built in original corner cupboard, which can be quite varied: from the area of the pupil or student to a work place to practice Amateur radio, cutting and sewing, FOTODELO, modeling. In this case bulky or heavy equipment it is easy to arrange down in the bedside table, and a variety of auxiliary parts and pieces on the shelves. At the bottom of them is a mesh storage compartment, which should be during the job at hand.

So were defined the main components of the wardrobe: bedside table, folding shield with a support panel and mirror, rack and wire mesh drawer. For the manufacture of these elements will require only two sheets of plywood: thick (12 mm) size 2570×1758 mm for the main parts of the Cabinet and thin (4 mm) size 825×630 mm — for wire mesh box. (Their cutting shown in the drawings.) As auxiliary elements will need planks, slats small sections as well as piano hinges and magnetic latches.
All cut parts are (especially the edges) with sandpaper, the surface should be primed with enamel (white or colored) and covered with a light furniture Polish.
Hinged panel omitted; wardrobe becomes a work area
The hinged panel omitted; wardrobe becomes a work area.
Main Cabinet
The main elements of the Cabinet:
1 top shield-top (1435х X750 mm) 2 — panel top (deaf) compartment (mm 322×750), 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 — support bracket for mounting the horizontal plane of the Cabinet, 5 — shelf rack (530×530 mm, 4-piece), 7 — wire mesh box (530×530 mm), 9 — shelf-cover tables (800×800 mm), 11 — a side rail for mounting doors of the cabinets (806×100 mm, 2 PCs.) The 12 — fence doors lockers (975×50 mm), 13 — support bar top tables (1000x X110 mm), 14 — folding support bar countertops (842×610 mm), 15 — spinner, the retaining shield in a raised position (100×40 mm, 2 PCs.), 16 — shelf tables (570×570 mm), 17 — door bedside table (758×470 mm, 2 pieces) 18 — ground strap tables (975х 60 mm).
The plan of cutting the basic elements of the wardrobe
Plan the cutting of the main elements of the Cabinet.
The plan of cutting elements of the wire mesh box
The plan of cutting elements of the wire mesh box.

Mesh box
Wire mesh box:
1 — the front wall (730×100 mm), 2 — side wall (530×100 mm, 2 pieces), 3 — the bottom (530×530 mm), 4 — short cross-partitions 5 — short longitudinal partition, 6 — long transverse wall, 7 is a long longitudinal partition.

Cabinet Assembly is done with screws, nails and glue (casein, joinery, PVA). We must start with the tables, gradually moving to the upper elements.
First to the wall mounted support bracket, and by them are the corresponding vertical and horizontal elements. The upper (dull) compartment, if desired, can be converted into a mezzanine.
Flip shield-counter, as already noted, in its lower part is connected with the nightstand piano hinge; to it is the same loop is mounted on top of the support pad (“foot” countertops), and it is a mirror. In the raised position, the shield plate covers the shelf rack. Pasting visible parts of corner Cabinet Wallpaper “disguises” him as it merges with the walls of the room.
the box is mounted on the upper surface of the tables. If desired, it is possible to put forward, which is very convenient if you want to delve into the contents of the cells. The internal partitions of the box are joined together crosswise, approaching each other opposite the slots (figure sawing they are marked by dashed lines), and then fasten with nails or glue to the triangular bottom.
All dimensions of parts Cabinet this is based on the room height to ceiling 260 cm, so in other cases you will need a corresponding adjustment.
The design applied in the living room and kitchen, balcony or loggia, in the garden house, in the country, depending on specific needs and functionalities. Especially helps this Cabinet in cases where a corner cannot be filled by standard furniture, for example, when located in close proximity to the window in the hallway, where the narrow passage, and other similar situations in modern compact homes.

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