WOULD BE PLANK...Imagine the scene: actively worked under the scorching sapnam on their own acres, collecting potato interventionist or weeding the strawberries, you open the door and… Nice Prahlada and soft pastel colors of the walls of the room are pleasing to you. A low sofa and flowers on the table to have a leisurely conversation and relax.. It will all be a reality, “if you will make your own hands a small and very simple in design furniture. “Club house masters” has decided to acquaint its readers with this design, addressing its multi-million army of citizens — owners of the garden plots, in whose houses (“houses” even I can’t bring myself to write) with great difficulty to accommodate other furniture. And miniature rooms in the attic? And why take out of town old chairs, old sofa and a bare table? If we are to change the situation, even at the time of the weekend, the radical!

For the manufacture of the headset will require the Board section 20X120 mm. In that case, if your economy will not be of materials of the desired size, don’t despair — retaining the basic dimensions you will easily be able to “count” the elements under their conditions. The design of the offered furniture is so simple, even basic, to cope with it any beginner. In principle, a mere “fence”, laid horizontally and set on four low feet. The sofa frame is different from table only dimensions. In the manufacture of soft pillows also possible to show imagination (based, of course, from their physical features). You can invest in the case of branded upholstery thick foam sheets, and you can fill a bag of fine canvas or awning fabric scraps of batting that are sold by weight in stores Do-it-yourself, or simply hay — the result will be equally good.
An important role in the perception of the stylized furniture will play a decorative finish and its entire interior as a whole. And in fact, it is practically nonexistent! It is only necessary carefully viscoity wooden parts and cover them at the request of a couple of layers of clear furniture Polish. The legs of tables and sofas painted enamel bright red color.

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