Solo Pro 319

Solo Pro 319The helicopter is equipped with the most detailed and realistic body of the helicopter Sikorsky UH-60. For maximum realism the helicopter is equipped with 4-blade main rotors, making the helicopter not only realistic, but also adds stability in flight. Helicopter applied electronic Flybarless system with three gyroscopes. High-performance brushless motor not only works for a long time without maintenance but also adds power to the helicopter. Patented system of removal of canopy makes it easy to change the battery and maintain the mechanics of the helicopter. RC helicopter Nine Eagles UH-60 is equipped with a gorgeous body scale, unique electronic 3G system with three gyroscopes and four-bladed main rotor.


Solo Pro 319Includes:
Fully assembled model helicopter Nine Eagles Solo Pro 319 2.4 Ghz.,
6-channel remote control Nine Eagles NE-T008 2.4 Ghz.,
Li-Pol battery for helicopter 7.4 v 600mAh.,
Automatic battery charger, operates on 220 volts,

Length : 350 mm.
Height : 101 mm
Width : 111 mm.,
The main rotor diameter : 324 mm,Solo Pro 319
The tail rotor diameter : 81 mm
Weight : ~ 170 grams.,
Motor: brushless,
Battery: Li-Pol 7.4 v 500mAh.
Flight time : ~ 6 – 10 minutes.
Time of battery charge: ~ 30 – 50 minutes.
Functions of the model: the rpm control of the main rotor ( the flight up and down ), flying left, flying right, flying forward, flying backward, turn in place left and right.


Eight penlight batteries type AA




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