RELIABLE We offer mini tractor “baby-3” (the third model) was made by me in the calculation of the mechanized harvesting of hay. From here he and a sufficiently powerful power unit, and two spring-mounted seat (which is perfect for the driver and a partner of the operator with frequent movements from one meadow to another), and high maneuverability in combination with multi-speed modes of operation (8 forward gears and 4 backward), and a convenient hinged mechanism, which is maximally adapted for a standard mower.

As the power unit used well-preserved motor of the motorcycle “IZH-56” with standard transmission and a fairing on motorized wheelchairs (i.e. with forced cooling). With a working volume of the cylinder 346 cm3, and when the number of crankshaft revolutions 4200— 4600 per minute it develops a capacity of 13 HP

With the replacement of the power unit to a more modern model (for example, double-cylinder “IZH-Jupiter-5”, to install enough space on the frame of the mini-tractor under the hood) rated power can be increased almost by 2.3 times. So it makes sense to experiment, but again, for “Baby-3”, even the engine “IZH-56” was enough.

As in kinematic schemes of many homemade mini-tractor, torque is the “Baby” of the output shaft of the power unit arrives (thanks to Izhevsk stars with z1, a = 16, z2 = 56 and Volochkovoj circuit PR-15,875) on the input shaft of the gearbox from decommissioned fire the GAZ-6З. However, driven sprockets, in contrast to the leading, had to modify. The revision was limited to the adaptation and priklepyvayut the ring gear to the hub of the peculiar (from the clutch of the car GAZ-51).


Kinematic scheme of transmission

Kinematic scheme of transmission:

1 —engine; 2— power transmission chain PR-15.875 (motorcycle); 3 — CPR with manual PTO (GAZ-63); 4 — Parking brake; 5,12 — universal joints (GAZ-51, GAZ-63); 6 — rear axle (from the GAZ-67, shortened); 7— rear wheel; 8 — pneumatic rear wheels (front wheels of the tractor T40); 9 — self-aligning double row ball bearing; 10 — a pulley of the PTO; 11 — PTO shaft; 13 — front wheel (sidecar С3А); 14 — wheel hub with taper roller bearings (С3А); 15—steering knuckle with king pin (front wheel С3А); 16 —front axle; 17 — pavement joint

Installation of the upgraded sprocket on the splined portion of transmission input shaft difficult for me not submitted. Well, the drivetrain in an explicit benefit: with transmission from GAS-6З successfully entered in the General design and staff PTO, u-joint connected with the shaft, at the other end of which a pulley and self-aligning double row spherical ball bearing from written-off walkers.

Now about the rear axle. Torque from the output shaft GAZ-6З is transmitted to the axle through a universal joint, consisting of two welded forks with the needle bearings in the eyelets and crosses everything from GAS-6З or from the GAZ-51).

Rear axle is also a car (GAZ-67), shortened by the method set out repeatedly in the pages of the journal (see, for example, “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 2’93).

Stockings rear axle machined to weld the brake disc. In the holes left after rivets, tapped M12 for fixing cropped stockings.

On a lathe machined to fit sizes of the hubs of the rear axle and drives the drive wheels (from a truck GAZ-51). Themselves rear wheel — the front of the tractor T-40. Thanks to the pneumatic tyres the dimensions of 6.5-16″ with tread “tree” achieved proper traction and high throughput mini-tractor “baby-3”.

Wheel brakes are hydraulic. However, there is a manual Parking brake.

The front axle is assembled from ready (from scrapped automotive vehicles) and improvised parts. The latter, in particular, bushing, bridge pivot. The beam is taken from the electric vehicle, long spent his time. But it can be homemade, made on the basis of square pipe 65×5 mm or two welded steel corners 63×63 mm. centered in the beam to the welded sleeve of the bridge hinge.


Frame mini-tractor

Frame mini-tractor:

1 — bumper (lightweight channel No. 16 with cut to 30 mm wide shelves); 2—rails; 3 — cross front; 4— cross member-engine mounting (area 50×50); 5— transmission crosshead (area 50×32); 6 — bracket of the hitch mechanism; parts 2, 3 and 6— this lightweight channel number 16

Suspension of front axle

Suspension front axle:

1 — front cross member frame; 2 — housing with bearings 2507; 3 — axle-bolt M30; 4 — beam front axle (600 mm cut square pipe or welded 65×5 two corner 63×63); 5 — warna sleeve


Installed this beam on the axis of the bolt in the opening formed by the buildings of the two taper roller bearings 2507 welded to the front crossmember. The backlash in bearings is selected by the tension nuts M30. The vertical brackets screwed axle steering knuckles with king pins and wheel hubs from the sidecar. On it and the front wheels.

Drive parts the steered wheels mostly wazowski as the most affordable and easy to integrate (place) the design of the mini-tractor. However, they had to be modified. The same is true for the steering mechanism, and also shortened the steering column from the UAZ-451.

Not a supporter of blind copying of someone else’s, even the most successful of the development, deliberately omit the dimensions of the rods, brackets, particularly the mounting of certain parts and components. Convinced that it was better just to focus on the schema selected as a prototype, and all the “specifics” should be based on strength, experience and logistics of the designer.

Take, for example, the frame of the mini-tractor. In the author’s performance of it welded. The main material is a lightweight channel No. 16. But for someone who has such a steel profile under the hands will not appear. It is not excluded that there will be no welding. But a suitable rectangular cross-section tube and the bolts M20. With them, too, we can safely take action. Importantly, the stiffness and strength of the frame was not damaged.

Or, say, the question about the recommended replacement for the second CAT (the first, as already noted, staff from the power unit) with a box of selection of power oil pump on a similar, but different technique. And he who with this encounter, he must make a decision. Of course, it must be fully justified, taking into account the matching parameters of the gear transmission from model with manual PTO.

The controls have a mini-tractor is located about the same as those of its larger counterparts. Veneer painted in green, and the frame — in a more practical black. Electrical equipment designed for 6 V.


Homemade fuel tank capacity 7 l Location — under hood on brackets welded to the frame of the mini-tractor.

Although “baby-3” was originally conceived as a mower, the resulting vehicle proved to be excellent when plowing, mechanized snow removal and other chores. It all depends on the mounted implements, self-made design which traditional.

The plow, for example, is not much different from the development that was published in the “Modeller-designer” № 7’81. The basis of this pull-type Coulter is an old industrial manufacturer with the blade welded to the reflector and provided with a supporting Board of stainless steel.

The site, which is equipped with a mini-tractor is nothing like a homemade shovel-blade on the hard rods. It is made also according to one development, published in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”: from 8 mm steel sheet dimensions 1200×500 mm, slightly curved in the vertical plane and the reinforced bottom plate-a knife with a width of 70 mm from the dilapidated zilovskoe springs.

The trailer is also homemade. Its frame is welded from segments of thick-walled water-gas supply pipes. Wooden Board, sewn onto a frame of steel angle 30×30 mm. Suspension — shorter springs from GAZ-69, and wheel from discarded farm machinery. Removable towing site for the trailer is also road; is attached to the rear frame bracket of the hinged mechanism.




Dimensions, mm………………..2500x1200x1000

Base, mm…………………………………………1750

Track, mm……………………………………….1030

Minimum turning radius, mm……………………2000

Ground clearance, mm……………………..280

Engine…………….from a motorcycle “IZH-56”

Engine power, kW…………………….13

Maximum speed, km/h………………………………….25

Working speed, km/h………………………..4

Weight without a trailer and the mounted equipment, kg……………………550

Brake system…………hydraulic


V. DYAKOV, Irkutsk region.

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