PEST — A FIRE EXTINGUISHERThere are many different tools, devices, equipment, value of which is primarily determined practical purpose, and their appearance and technical aesthetics are of secondary importance. I think that applies to them and of garden sprayer machine, which sprayed pesticides against pests of plants. If you have at least a small locksmith skills, then make a sprayer you can own from a suitable container. The principle of operation and technical parameters (capacity, performance etc.) it differs little from those offered by industry.


For the manufacture of sprayer very suitable overage foam extinguisher. First, it is optimal for manual plant treatment capacity, and second, the alteration is negligible.

First of all, Unscrew the cap, release the fire extinguisher from the content, observing all precautions. After that, the cover itself dismantle the lever and the hole through which it ran stock, brew (if welding not, the hole can be riveted, cut thread and drown out the screw, fill with sealant, etc.). Inside cover insert the rubber gasket.

Further, from the neck of the housing of the fire extinguisher wrenched the nozzle, and in its place, resting on both sides of the rubber washer-gasket set valve motor from the camera (suitable from road tubeless tires). The outer pre-washer vygeboom along the radius of the shell of the extinguisher.


Then at the bottom of the cylinder, 10— 15 mm from the bottom, weld a pipe with a length of 50-60 mm and the inner diameter drilled hole in the wall of the fire extinguisher. The same operation can be done in reverse order: first, drill a hole, and then to this place to weld the pipe. In the absence of welding the branch pipe can be connected to the cylinder on the thread.

The outer diameter of the tube should not be more than 10 mm, otherwise you’ll need a hose with a large inner diameter, which will reduce the pressure in the system.

To position the tube better on the side towards the valve. In this position it does not interfere with carrying of the sprayer, and connects it to the flexible rubber hose does not break in two. To the other end of the hose attachable spray tube. Do it from the same tube as the nozzle.

The spray tube should be a minimum length of 1 m. This will allow to process not only tall plants and trees but also will protect the operator from splashes and fumes of the solution.


Garden sprayer fire extinguisher

Garden sprayer fire extinguisher:

1 —cover (in the form of A conventionally not shown); 2—the valve (motorcycle cameras); 3 — container (foam extinguisher); 4— belt; 5 — tube (steel tube 10×1,5); 6— rubber hose with two clamps; 7 — handle (tree); 8 — dip the tap with thread M10x1; 9 — nebulizer tube (steel tube 10×1,5, L1000); 10 — spray head (bronze); 11 — stranding (wire d3); 12—hand pump

At one end of the spray tube do the handle and the tap (better on-off: open — closed), and the other spray head. This detail is better to make from bronze or brass. Day the convenience of spraying the free end of the tube is slightly bent.

For transporting in the backpack position to the sprayer tacked one or two straps: one of their ends to the top handle and the other to the clamp (wire twisting), covering the band between the cylinder and its lower falshstenoy.

For pest control in the cylinder, when the valve is closed on the hose outlet, pour about 5 liters of solution (approximately 2/3 of the volume of the vessel) and tightly replace the top. Then the valve connected to the pump hose and produce 70-80 strokes. If air leaks from the cylinder is not (except through the nozzle while the water is), then this pressure is sufficient to spray the entire volume of the solution. If in the tank after spraying was left in the solution, air is still pumped.

Upon completion of the air from the sprayer produced, slowly averting her cover, the solution is drained from the container and rinse the entire system with water, which is then drained to a safe place.

Not superfluous to recall the safety precautions. When spraying plants must work in a respirator, goggles and rubber gloves, and be located near the plants on the leeward side.

D. POTAPOV, S. fish, Krasnoyarsk Krai

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