BENCH KNEESNo matter how small nor was a country station, the cultivation of it requires a lot of work and everyday stress. It must be something to plant, paraklit, Spud. And all this has to do bent over or squatting, why start the back pain or aching legs. Work home grower or grower much easier universal bench, proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”. Its versatility lies in the fact that when working in the beds prove to be useful almost all of its component parts – just enough to change their situation. This is considered in the development of simple design of the seat. Judge for yourself.

The bench, at first glance, a fairly simple traditional forms. It consists of three panels: the seat and two side legs. However, it should flip the bench — it is evident that the sides are even handles for carrying, and not only the benches but also any cargo stowed on it. And between the sidewalls is attached to a soft mattress of foam rubber, cotton or layered, folded old blankets, covered with artificial leather (easy to wash). Resting his knees in a mattress, you can spend hours messing around with plants, the legs will not be hurt. Of course, if you overdo it, legs still stiffen and rise from his knees. But here again comes to the rescue side: they rely on hands — up will be easier. And put on one of the sidewalls, the bench turns into a table — until then, when I need to work on the beds.

Material for the fabrication of versatile bench can be thick plywood, wide planks or pieces of chipboard. Connect the panel all push-pins with glue, screws (pre-drill holes for them more than a thin drill) or just nails — it all depends on the material of the panels. For greater strength the angles of the joint reinforce of metal (window) corners.


Garden bench

Garden bench:

1 — seat 2 — side-legs; 3 — float; 4 — groove; 5 — metal area; 6—pins

Before Assembly, carefully polished with sandpaper and the workpiece must be painted with oil paint in several layers with intermediate drying of each layer. Paint color can be any non-staining (green, blue, brown) or, conversely, bright, visible from afar in the green, yellow, orange or red.

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