The materials in the yard to get the chickens, make incubator, posted a lot. A wide range of mechanical designs “hens” from cardboard boxes with obogrevatel-LEM table lamp until almost “factory incubation fuzzies” (” modelist-Konstruktor” № 2’73, 11 ’92, 4’2000). But questions about where and how to keep Chicks until they grow into adult birds, illuminated enough. Finding often the response to them, each owner is forced to do everything himself.

In particular, the first week I kept brood incubator chickens at home in the usual cardboard box, the bottom of which was strewn with chopped hay meadow. And it turns out rightly so. Not as bedding use sawdust as fluffy birds can begin to peck them, and it threatens the clogging of the intestines and death of chickens.
No additional heaters at home maintenance Chicks need not apply. About the health of their Pets can be judged by their behavior. For example, if the chickens running around the box smartly, not slipping into a pile during wakefulness (they usually sleep together), then the temperature regime is optimal. But Kohl toformat wings and open beaks, so discomfort: chickens overheat.
Future bettas and kvocka need Gelovani. Therefore, correctly received the host or hostess who thoughtfully stand in
gozhaya days a box of chickens on the balcony, in the sun, after covering it with gauze. The air temperature in the shade should not be below 18 °C.
Portable, mnni-enclosure for chickens
Portable, mnni-enclosure for chickens
Feeding four times a day, and with the age of two weeks — three times a day. Basically given the moist cereal mixture is slightly boiled millet with the addition of him oatmeal, semolina, broken rice. Every day puts you and the young grass, for example, chickweed, dandelions, clover, chopped and mixed with food nettle. Is always a separate bowl of crushed egg shell. We should not forget about the type of multivitamin undevit or undevit, throwing them from the calculation of seven drops per liter of drinking water, which must also always be in chickens.
For podmanivaya Chicks to the feeder it is recommended that a light tapping on her pencil. Well, for the little ones made a special “nautical” pasteboard groove, attached to the wall of the box. Its length should be such that all chickens have enough space to get your portions of food.
Chickens grow, and they become close the previous box. So, it’s time to release the brood in the mini-cage. Design is a wooden box without a bottom, covered with fine mesh and a shed with a door. The recommended placement of a mini-aviary — sun-drenched front lawn, the vegetable garden or the front garden. Moreover, it is easily adjustable to fresh grass. The chickens here have a place not only to run, to nibble the greens, but also to take shelter from a sudden rain. Have them fitted at a low height, the hearth, food and water, and fresh, pours through the door in the roof of river sand.
With two weeks of age Chicks can be left in such benevolence and at night, covering it with a weighted sheet of corrugated plastic (custom-made unwanted for environmental reasons). If there is a rainy weather, a protective sheet take a bigger size, placing it under the tilt with back-up from materials dry and light is enough.
Well and when the cage becomes tight Chicks, comes the time to translate them into the coop-“kindergarten”. This can be, for example, the extension to hozblok or shed. It is desirable that it included an indoor range with the front wall, covered with mesh, low-level predelete, which is goats, pigs or other livestock, and the coop with end OK-us-the walls (in summer, the glass in them is replaced by a grid) located in the second level.
Kuratnik-“kindergarten” (the size at the place of installation):


I — walking-porch; II—predelete; III— coop; IV — hozblok home; I — Foundation; 2 — sand the floor in the blind area; 3 — door; 4 — wood paneling; 5 — waterers-feeders, 6 — riser (6-8 PCs); 7 — mesh; 8 — the roof of ku-ratnika-“kindergarten”;
9 — bird “ladder” (a pole with crossbars); 10 — partition with a hole; 11 — roost; 12 — frame with mesh or glass; 13 — roof amenities; 14 — nests of hens; 15 — wall amenities

From the paddock to the chicken coop, the Chicks fall through the manhole (a hole in the wall at 1.6 m) at the ladders “ladder” (a pole with crossbars). And there is a perch, a nest for laying hens…
Water, sand, ash bath are in the range. There are all bird population and gets a full feed. For Chicks it’s, starting at two months of age, grain, and grass (preferably in the form of broken rice), eggshells, vitamin supplements. The entrance to the paddock made from the street.
Chickens can suffer from various intestinal infections, which leads to retarded growth and even mass death. In this case it is useful to stock up on tablets of tetracycline or levemire-Tina. In the case of the sick chickens, isolate them, and the rest give two times daily with food one tablet of tetracycline or chloramphenicol for 15-20 chickens (or ten adult hens) for 3-5 days. Sick chickens, in addition to antibiotics, it is good to dig right into the beak tetravit — it will speed up their recovery.
V. RYBALKO, Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan

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