CHICKEN Lives in the people the joke about the old woman who, driving in the evening your chickens, consider them a kind of binary system pair, pair, pair, pair. A Fox dragged a one — lady grieved: not obtained one pair, know gone chicken. When he disappeared and second, the old woman calmed down again all in pairs, then came the missing.

But even a familiar with higher mathematics is not the strength today to count the number of birds on the modern farm, with its many thousands and is exactly the same “population”. And this is the big one. How can that be?
That came up with the engineer N. I. LOBATSEVICH from the Ivanovo region of the original mechanical counter. The principle of its action was prompted by a feature observed literally all the chickens: they can’t step over the hurdle without stepping on it, even the lowest.
Diagram of a mechanical counter chickens:
1 — a shield with a window (plywood with a thickness of 7 mm), 2 — meter (SE-65 or Cycling), 3 — rod connecting the counter and the bar-lever, 4 — rail traction 5 — bar-lever (dural area), 6 return spring (or rubber), 7 — clip-limiter.

It was used in a simple device, which is a small shield with a window. “Sill” of the window, or nut, movable: this bracket-arm, the associated thrust with a counter similar to Cycling.
When the bird comes on the bar-lever, the latter under her weight fall until it stops, and then released, rises again, returns to its original position by the spring. The movement of strap is directed in a restrictive brace and a special sleeve that covers the rod that runs to the meter.
Enough, releasing chickens in the morning out of the house, to put to the manhole and the shield, and the birds, one after the other stepping on his doorsteps, forced to work the counter, which will soon show their total number on the farm.

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