The device, which I have called “cappenberg”, I constructed at the time when he decided to make an improvised wheels for walking tractor. Wheels with a diameter of 320 mm were cut using this tool.
With a small hand held cutting machine (popularly referred to as “Bulgarian”) model GREAPO PG125SE, made her a simple, but reliable, and most importantly—the right fixture for cutting parts in the form of a circle of sheet metal or holes in it.

Design. The basis fixture is a console made of steel strip section 22×5 mm. In the console said “grinder”, departing from the one end 6 mm, cut in the middle of the longitudinal through slot (oblong hole) with a width of 9.2 mm and a length of 150 mm. Near the other end drilled a couple of holes with a diameter of 4 mm rivets.

Further, from steel strip 25×2 mm cross-section is curved, P-shaped bracket, with the horns which are cut the same longitudinal through grooves (elongated holes) in the console, only shorter—length 35 mm. In the back of the bracket is also drilled two holes with a diameter of 4 mm that is made in the console. But it would be better if these pairs of drill holes simultaneously in the two joined parts. Apertures with the outer sides sensource After that, the details again are joined and connected by steel rivets with the heads made wpoty. As rivets, it is possible to use the usual right nails, cutting them to length.

In the fixture there is one more important detail—or rather, a knot. The main element is the axis that represents the pin with M8 thread on one end (or screw without a head). The other two parts of the unit—M8 nut, one wing and another hex from the high. On the one hand this nut protectives carefully with a file (or milled) ledge, the width of the groove in the shell, and a height of 2 mm. up to the stop Nut is screwed onto the axle. Below the ledge in the nut and the axis is drilled diametrically through hole with a diameter of 2 mm for pin and zanchetta on both sides (input and output). The axle is inserted from below into the console so that the lug nuts came into her groove, and on top of the threads of the wing nut is screwed.

“Copperbar”—a device for cutting circular disks and holes in the sheet of solid material, manual cutting machine:

1—console (steel strip 22×5); 2—clip (steel strip 25×2); 3—axis (one-sided hairpin M8); 4—the focus axis (nut M8, high); 5—axis clamp (wing nut M8); 6—clamp cap (pin d2); 7—washer; 8—mount brackets to the console (steel rivet d3, 2 PCs.)

After this fixture to make it marketable, you can cover any available to hand paint

Operation. In the center of the cut circle of the drilled hole under the axle. The cutting machine is installed in the fixture vertically (moved into the bracket) sectional circle to the other side of the console. Through the longitudinal grooves in the horns of the bracket and the threaded holes in the case “Bulgarian” is connected by bolts M8 device. The bolts are rolled into the enclosure until it stops, and the nuts close to the body are attracted and staples. Installation height must be the”OI. below cut-off wheel was made 2-3 mm below the “terraced” nut (just for this purpose and designed grooves in cone brackets). Now the axle is inserted into the Central hole of the wing nut slightly round turns, the axis is released and “Bulgarian” is moved to the desired location (distance along the line away from the cutting circle to the axis is equal to the radius of the circle or cut out the holes) and the wing nut again tightened.

The fixture with the tool is ready for operation. Now you can cut disks or holes in the steel plates (and other solid materials) with a thickness of 6 mm.

To work with the tool, you need safety glasses or goggles and filter respirator to protect eyes and respiratory organs from metal and abrasive dust.

For another brand of cutting machine dimensions of parts of the fixture will likely need to be adjusted.

STEPANOV, G. And s t R a in Moscow.

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