CUT THE BUSH WITH A DRILLHand tools for mechanical cutting of bushes etc. green spaces developed a lot. Including Amateurs samodelki (e.g., see the publication “M-K” № 6, 1985 on universal electrocasnice ESC-1). But in all designs I’ve ever seen, their engines, fitted, which, of course. can impact the cost of the manual tool.

In my proposed design built-in motor no. In fact, it is only highly efficient nozzle available to virtually any host of drills.
No design of my brushcutter and short supply of oil seals, floating knife, self-aligning bearings. Materials — the most that neither is running, kinematics is simple (see illustration). And minimum weight. As for hand tools — this is not unimportant factor. The design of my brush cutter can even be a little easier (there is a reserve of strength and reliability!), replacing steel glass, case, blade and clamping plate in dural.
The cutting elements form the ends of the blades, which are fastened clamped clamps safety razor blade. The latter are inserted so that are 0.6—1 mm (in the direction of rotation of the Chuck of the drill). This eliminates damage to the cutting edge. In addition, the use of razor blades free from the constant need to care about the sharpness of the cutting element.
When working centrifugal force stabilizes is fixed in the Chuck of a drill blade with the “knives” in the radial direction. Sandwiched in the nests of razor blades easily cut down bushes, trimmed greenery, transforming monotonous tedious first work in creativity, and the “garden Barber” — sculptor, painter, landscape.
Stationary and rotating (blade) working bodies of the prefix
Stationary and rotating (blade) working bodies of the prefix
Stationary and rotating (impeller) operating elements of the console.
Prefix for shearing Bush and its fixing to the body of the drill
Attachment for trimming bushes and its attachment to the body of the drill:
1 — body drills, 2 — screw M5 knurled head of the set (3 pieces). 3 — Cup (St3), 4 — axis shank (ST5) , 5 — M4 countersunk screw with a conical head (4 PCs) 6 — shield (PT.S), 7 — blade (ST5), 8 — razor blade “Neva” (2 pieces), 9 — screw M3 countersunk conical head (4 PCs), 10 — nut M3 (4 PCs), 11 — clamping strap (CT3, 2), 12 — nut M6 (2 PCs.)

On top of the blade with the “knives” closed protective casing. He has two dramatically different in the shape of a half. Solid had a purely protective function. Luchevidnye, protecting the blade from damage, simultaneously serves for capturing the cut branches and the directions of their right under “knives”.
The protective housing is attached to the glass, connects with the case of drills, the four M4 screws (countersunk, conical crown). Design and mounting of the remaining parts are clear from the illustrations. Special fabrication difficulties, I have developed console-the brush cutter, no one (I’m sure!) will not cause. Will not them, and during the operation: the tool is convenient, easy to handle, reliable in operation. Make yourself this — will not regret!
A. KHIKMATOV, Tashkent

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