To strip layers of old paint in the repair of the “woodwork” is a handful for the home worker. Apart from the fact that the work is time-consuming and unproductive, it is also a source of debris and dust, which during the repair and without that is enough. There is, however, an easier way to remove the painted surface of the old coating, which involves the use of a gas burner or blowtorch. But use it indoors I would not recommend it at any time paint can erupt, and then the trouble will be inevitable.
I offer much more safe tool which can be applied both indoors as there is no open flame.
Essentially, it’s a Hairdryer. However, the temperature of outgoing air is much higher than in household small hair dryer.
Source of energy at this high temperature the hair dryer are two heating elements of the infrared reflector with a capacity of 400 watts. However, unlike the household, the proposed dryer has no fan of its own: it turned out that it is much easier to connect it to a normal vacuum cleaner.
Housing high-temperature dryer consists of two hollow cone curved on a suitable wooden mandrel made of galvanized roofing iron. Inside the housing are mounted two heating elements connected by long coupling stud and nut with thread M5. Hairpin this also tightens together and the body halves, and the front part is connected with the pin screw which is passed through the body, and end studs, bent in the form of a hook. The second end of the stud with the nut and washers fastened from the back side of the rear of the case. This nut is fixed with a strip cut from a steel sheet with a thickness of about two millimeters, which is used for Assembly of the handle pistol type. The front of this strip is secured to the housing by screw and nut. The handle is sawn from a sheet of textolite with a thickness of 10…12 mm, is attached to this strip with two screws with thread M5.
Eyeliner air in the rear of the case provides a fitting. They, incidentally, can be a copper tube, flared on one side. Adjusting the intensity of air flow is carried out with the help of available on most domestic vacuum cleaners adjustable sash.
It should be noted that in the everyday reflector heater works no air blowing, which, in fact, restricts the input to spiral power. Our hair dryer is quite possible without any loss of durability of the heater significantly reduce the length of nichrome wire: this significantly increases the capacity of the device. In principle, two ceramic frame should be enough of a spiral from one heater if a little to stretch it and make the withdrawal from its middle, turning then half of the network parallel to each other, as shown in the drawing. Please note that supply voltage to the spiral only after turning on the air supply.
Hot air generator
Hot air generator:
1 — screw M5 nut 2 nut M5 3 — front housing (roofing galvanized steel), 4 — pin coupling (steel wire Ø 5 mm), 5 — frame heater, 6 — M4 screw with nut 7 — bracket (steel strip with a thickness of 2 mm), 8 — screws M5, 9 — arm (PCB thickness 10 to 12 mm), 10 — polyvinyl tube, 11 — power cord 12 — the air hose, 13 — nozzle, 14 — notched a goal, 15 — back of the case (steel roof), 16 — heating coil.
A. Scheme of the connections of the coils.

To use such a high temperature dryer is necessary in the following way. First, it enables a cleaner that delivers air into the cavity of the housing, then turn the power supply to the heater. Further, with the movable valve on the cleaner hose installs required strength of the air flow and therefore the temperature of the air exiting the nozzle. The stream of hot gas is directed to the section of the surface that you want to remove the paint; he warms up for about half a minute, then the old paint is removed sharpened spatula.
N. IONS, engineer

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