EASIER, AND THE FARM WILL FITA zealous owner-samodelka all always there. Even his mini-tractor at times there, not to mention the mower-threshers, other motorcycle and electropolishing. And that’s very understandable with this equipment really is never ever lost. A worthy place is occupied, helping to maintain the farm in good condition, manual tools and simple (but highly effective in fact) fit. Some of them, the magazine has told its readers. Basically, it was more design and technical solution “for the garden” (“modelist-Konstruktor” № 6’91, 9’93, 5’95). The following publication on a makeshift structures, the scope of which focus on a personal farmstead. They are made from so-called scrap materials, “home” technology accessible and understandable to any beginner. At the lowest cost possible to get the maximum result.

And why, in fact, not to try? Especially if the mass of the starting material (and therefore product) is not so large to account for the hundredweight and ton.
While the kruporushka can be simplified so that it will differ little from the classic old-fashioned. No expensive motors or deficit reducers will be required. And on its manufacturing will leave, as they say, nothing at all.
So is the first option. With the millstones of… chumps. For details, “trashing” the cereal or grain, it is better to use a billet of hardwood timber — it is not resinous. The diameter of chumps — not less than 250 mm, a height of about 250 mm. Contact between the surface of the future mill to do gear. Moreover, the prongs can be any pieces of iron or steel, driven into a wooden base — block.
The upper millstone is in the center of the through hole in a funnel. In it and poured the grain.
The upper part of the bottom millstone-a chump upholster a strip of sheet metal with a width of 150 — 200 mm Include the hole for the crushed grain, in which is inserted under the tin tilt Assembly with fixed therein by a magnet. The latter retains the fine particles generated from the abrasion of iron (steel) teeth, protruding above the working surface of the grindstone is not more than 0.5 mm (otherwise the split will be large).
The upper millstone can be freely rotated by the handle, without displacement from the center, which is achieved by means of special brackets in the funnel for filling the grain. She, in turn, has a hole corresponding to the diameter of the rod fixed in the lower millstone-the chump from another bottom bracket.
The technology works on the simple kruporushka. Holding the wooden handle with one hand, rotate the millstone, and the other spiked a little grain. Under the trench-gathering substitute capacity for “the” hog “fuel”. The resulting product was passed through a sieve.
Peeling mill with millstones from the chumps...
Peeling mill with millstones from… chumps:
1 — millstone bottom, 2 — chute-the gathering (tin, s0,5), 3 — a magnet (from furniture latch), 4 — ring connector (the plate, s1,5…2), 5 — a millstone top, 6 — clip top (St3, strip 40×4), 7 — M14 nut, 8 — washer (brass), 9 — axis (St3, rod has ø 14-ø), 10 — clip bottom (St3, strip 40×4), 11 — arm wooden, 12 — 4 x 40 screws (8 PCs.), 13 — nail 4×60 (16 PCs.).
Float-peeling mill

1 — pallet, 2 — Board carrier, 3 — fireplaces, 4 — grater interior, 5 — grater exterior, 6 — bolt M5 nut (4 PCs) 7 — arm (2 PCs.), 8 — ring stiffness.

The second design crumbler requires no special skills or any skill to manufacture. Just take a piece of tinplate (can be from large cans of canned) and make two cylinders, and so that the diameter was 2 — 3 mm less than the other.
Then, the surface of both cans with a nail and hammer to make a kind of a grater, so that the external cylinder sharp edges of the holes to the inside, but on the inside — out. The smaller of the float is attached to the cleaned fireplaces with a diameter of 200 — 250 mm. Close the inner cylinder conical lid. And in the lower part stuffed a piece of hardwood of rectangular shape with a thickness of 40 mm. Set it on a carrier Board with an identical hole, which will subsequently provide the immobility of the inner cylinder.
External grater has a special arm to rotate around the inner.
The carrier Board is set on the tray between two supports (stools, chairs, etc.) and fix. Then poured the grain and rotates the peeling mill for arm as in a clockwise direction and in the opposite direction.

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