Elementary simple, ultra-reliable and very good running kachestva distinguished for the attention of young avtomodelistov development. This technique is extremely necessary for the NAC are beginning their career in the technical work malchishek, and for the more experienced, for whom this model may serve not only kachestve simulator, but also as a debugging stand for testing engines and new nodal solutions.
For starters, before you begin construction, look carefully at the drawings and understand design and technology. Try immediately to prepare the whole set of necessary materials, adhesives and nerson, and Tangier. tools. Then proceed to the manufacturer of the snowmobile. In principle their construction is simplified so that the detailed explanation is not required. Therefore, it is possible to stop only on some moments.
Tang, useful, for example, housing parts are not cut at once, and the first to be confined to the exact treatment of the base norppa. Nakladna same and bruski motor previously made allowances (excluding sample window under the crankcase, it is fitted exactly with the dimensions in the drawing). Then under pressure for smooth planed Doisneau’s-the stocks are glued on an epoxy resin base and the pad, and after the curing of the binder mount and engine mount. Then you can start cutting pripisnov. This will allow you to compensate for all osebni in the treatment of individual parts and their norppa nastygram spine.
When you use furniture and construction plywood is useful to keep in mind that these varieties are clearly marked differences in kachestve wood for the front and back sides. On the eye it is difficult to determine, and it will help the experiment. Try to saw through the line in the plywood using a jigsaw and then repeat the operation, turning experienced zagotovo. The difference will be most noticeable if the cut lead poperen fibers subashni plywood plates. In one case, the output pelni bottom of the worksheet will provide a relatively clean seam with a small amount Melnik burrs. In the other teeth will rip out the whole seam and volanna onieda bottom similar to raskreplennye will trapo — this is what will determine the back of the sheet. All razmena zagotovo is applied on the front side. After cutting out, despite the “rags”, the reverse is not trimmed and is applying the glue in the team. Tanim way in glued two plates housing an unreliable wood is kleevage inside seam. The surface is ready norpace without problems prepared for bakirovna and color. Aircraft grade plywood Tana peculiarity.
Fig. 1. Control line speed model snowmobile
Fig. 1. Control line speed model snowmobiles:
I — propeller, 2 — Kok,
3 micromotor KMD-2,5 4 — housing Assembly, 5 — bracket, 6 — cord strap, 7 — fuel tank, 8 — regulator, 9 — stand, 10 — removable skate (or AM-2 — a couple of micromoles),
II — tail
skate (or AM-2 — bracket mounting tail micromoles).
Fig. 2. The wooden elements of the model
Fig. 2. The wooden elements of the model:
1 — enclosure base (construction or furniture ” plywood thickness 3…4 mm), 2 — pad housing (construction and furniture plywood with thickness 3…4 mm), 3 — bars of motor (high quality beech or birch), 4 — stabilizer (aircraft plywood, or at least furniture, thickness of 2…3 mm). The entire Assembly is resin K-153.
Fig. 3. The metal model elements
Fig. 3. The metallic elements of the model:
1 — cord strap (aluminum), 2 — bracket (aluminum), 3 — tail skate (duralumin).

Speaking about the General concept of the model, it should be noted that after manufacture, sborni and weighing it, despite postroeno of polegshennya plywood plates, is quite laid-Noah. This is due to the limited size norppa, which, incidentally, goes for the benefit of the overall strength — snowmobile of this type simply “indestructible”. Small shoulder tail “feathers” kompensiruet developed area of the stabilizer. Sustainability zapozna and running on any skorostyakh similar car praticheski is not inferior to the long tail, has acquired a lot of popularity in recent years among young athletes. Moreover, the theory suggests that with exactly a vision of the damping is important only the value represented by the product of the area of the stabilizer on his shoulder the center of gravity is equipped model. And even more important parameter is the moment of inertia depends on the mass of the tail part, the Tang, and its length, but in the second degree! Therefore, it becomes clear that in some cases (including ours) neurotoxocity “vartuli” with a developed area of the stabilizer can be more profitable. Back n topic, the absolute masses of detail, we only note that birch plywood in three and a half times lighter than aluminum. Try to imagine the same model, as shown in the drawings but having NOBUS, sawn from two-millimeter sheet D1 6T, and the stabilizer is made of the same metal but with a thickness of 0.6 mm, and then figure out which option will be more reliable in operation.
Metal parts manufacturing nravatsa on polished, lacquered, painted and thoroughly dried norpace with MZ screws with nuts and washers and aluminum rivets with a diameter of 2 mm (the tail skates). All holes drilled in a wooden nodes wizard, it is useful for the team to pre-impregnate epoxy resin. This will protect the wood from exposure to the fuel and will significantly increase the total resource of the entire model.
Fig. 4. Fuel tank
Fig. 4. Fuel tank.
Soldering of tinplate with thickness of 0.2…0.3 mm. Tube feeding, filling and drainage of copper with a diameter of 3×0. 7 mm. On the model to mount in any convenient way.
Fig. 5. Stand
Fig. 5. Stand.
Bending of steel wire grade optical fiber. Zones A and B before gluing on the body to degrease, clean and tightly wrap a thin cotton thread. Glue based on epoxy resin K-153. The left shows a variant, precluding the use of a removable horse — the lower part of the strut is slightly sharpened, forming a ridge plane with sharp edges.

Last steunou glued to the main ridge. Reference point the latter should be 10 mm in front of the center of gravity of the completely assembled machine that has already mounted the engine with the air screw and the fuel ban. Tangier. in-posleden leave and installation of kronstein Northway, plane — because the latter must be exactly at the level of longitudinal alignment.
A small offset of the reference tochni main ridge in the direction of the axis of the engine brings only benefits, as the boom alignment machine with regard to Podlesny Northway thread is still offset to the right. Total of aerodinamika offer snowmobiles, despite nathanpathan momostenango is in a satisfactory range. There is always a need to remember that only one cord thread eating up 90% of the power going to overcome the aerodynamic drag of the overall complex “model-Nord”. Of course, Napata nianogo no harm, especially due to the possibility to choose the most advantageous thermal conditions of the engine. Therefore, in the subsequent, when sorpotel “VERTOU” you put forced spaceblazer NMD, we recommend you to provide easily removable hood. But having made trial runs with obstinately motor and without it, you can even determine the impact of aerodynamic models on the potential rapidity.
V. SHUMEEV, head of the society

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