BRANCH — STALKThe unusual technique of grafting of trees was proposed by I. V. Michurin, and in the book N.Verzilina “Travel with house plants” describes this original method of obtaining cuttings from living branches directly on the tree. He was “surrounded” branch vessel with water and gave them the roots of the old branches of the pear and Apple trees, cuttings from which the ordinary by not okorenyayutsya. Most clearly such an experience to spend with oleander: its cuttings are particularly well give the roots in water (about a month).

To play the experience, you can use old lamp glass. The lower hole is selected cortical or, better, rubber tube. Drill in the middle of the tube an opening equal to the thickness of the branches of the oleander. Tube cut in half. On the branch, make two circular cuts and remove a ring of bark is 3 mm wide. Then put the glass on a branch. Under the cut, fasten the two halves of the tube and they fit Nadine lamp glass. Tube at the connection to the stalk promazhem wax. Glass branch with the attach garters: wire or laces. Now pour in the lamp glass of water so that its level was above the cut ring of bark. When you see roots, cut and plant the offshoot in a pot with soil.
But the lamp glass is now inconvenient to use. Easier to use plastic bags. Take 3 — 4 package without bottom, to invest in one another and put on a branch. Below is necessary to tie them one after the other three nodes. The normal nodes will pass water. Need a special “clamp” node. Use the options binding, shown on the drawings. The same knot tied neck resulting in “vessel” after filling it with water.
However, for plants in the garden is better (except the described case of Apple) not take the water and wet ground. Then sealed such nodes are not necessary: the earth is thick, will not flow out like water.
Training branches
Training branches to the “sprouting”:
1 — core; 2 — ring portion after removal of the bark

Rooting branches
The rooting branches:
1—branch, 2—part tube, insulated with wax; 3—lamp glass with water; 4 — garter; 5—tree trunk

The “vessel” of the packages:
1—the tree trunk; 2 — thread; 3—strings; 4—layered package on okorenyaemosti plot branches; 5—hole

A device for putting the packages on a branch
Fixture for mounting packages on a branch:
1 — thread; 2—a tube of a plastic bottle; 3—plastic bags

Single knot
Single knot
The sequence of tying a double knot sea
The sequence of tying a double knot sea
For convenience, the “stringing” of the packages to the branch you should use wide tube (a plastic bottle): its easier to slide and move along the branch, and her put on the packages when you pinch (on each other) will not cling to the branches and tear. Immediately snap a three pack is uncomfortable, it is better to fix them one by one. First to wear a single package, wrap it from the bottom of the thread, folded in half, and tie. On top of him to push the other as well, then a third, a fourth. Then the tube is removed and filled with earth capacity of the packages to tie a cord from the top without forgetting how to moisten the soil in the specified package. To breathe earth, wrapped in plastic, should make some holes. Need to control the moisture content periodically to maintain additional wetting. Soon shrouded the ground and the branch will give the roots: stalk-plant is ready for separation and landing.

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