IN THE FURROW - ELECTROFRESHElectrofresh intended to work the land and garden plots, hilling potatoes. Especially given the tough operating conditions — long continuous work (up to 4 hours), the constant overload, dirt, preference was given to more heavy and oversized three-phase motor, totally enclosed, front manifold, DC.

Three-phase asynchronous motor works in the scheme of single-phase power capacitor (coupling star). The required capacity of condenser battery




where Unom — voltage (nameplate) motor Inom — current (nameplate value).


The structure is based on the gear motor from the machine belaruskogo RM, having the feature:


Motor — asynchronous short-closed;
Power — 1 kW;
Voltage — 220 V;
Current — 4.2 A (three-phase);
Engine speed — 1410 rpm;
Efficiency — 0,79;
The number of revolutions of the output shaft — 44 rpm;
Gear ratio — 32;
The weight of the motor-reducer is 24.5 kg.
The basis of the layout of the mill laid the equilibrium condition in the working position with the aim of reducing the strain on the handles control. The gear motor rotates the cutter shaft through the chain transmission (step — 18,25 mm, number of links 52). The transmission can be used with I=1 or I=1,17, Z1=13(15); Z2=15. The speed of the cutter shaft is 44 or 38 rpm.
Motor-reducer mounted on the frame by means of two transverse dural plate thickness of 10 mm, which slip together with attached to them by geared motor, adjusting the chain tension.
Fig. 1. Electrofresh Assembly.
Fig. 1. Electrofresh Assembly:
1 — motor-reducer, 2 — frame, 3 — stick control 4 — mounting plate of the motor-reducer, 5 — brake, 6 — main capacitor Bank, 7 — chain, 8 — start-capacitor, 9 — shaft cutter 10 — knife cutter.
Fig. 2. Electrofresh is removed from the transporting wheels.
Fig. 2. Electrofresh with the removal of transport wheels:
1 — sprocket Z1=15 or Z1=13, 2 — counter shaft sprocket Z2=15, 3 — knife.
To the frame, made of pipes with a diameter of three quarters of an inch, are welded two side plates of sheet steel with a thickness of 4-5 mm, which are attached to the bearings of the cutter shaft. Bearing units special used from decommissioned machines have the housing and the collet shaft fixation. At the front of the frame using the adjustable mounting brackets are mounted two wheels (size 56X205, model L-155) used for transporting elektrofarez. When the tillage wheel is removed. Two rear crossmember of the frame have brackets for installation adjustable for height and tilt brakes. Control knobs are governed by both the height and angle.
Fig. 3. Plate mills.
Fig. 3. Plate mills (steel 45, thickness 4 mm).
Fig. 4. Shaft Assembly (steel 45).
Fig. 4. Shaft Assembly (steel 45).
Food electropaz is a single-phase alternating current with voltage of 220 V (in this case three-phase asynchronous motor is included in a single-phase network with capacitor containers) or three-phase current with a voltage of 220 V. the Connection of electroforez to the single-phase network is carried out using household extension cords. It should also be noted that the voltage drop leads to a drop in engine torque. Therefore, the application of wire cross-sectional area of less than 0.8 mm2 unacceptable. During operation, should closely monitor the condition of contacts and connectors, checking, not heated whether.
Fig. 5. Circuit of the mill in the single-phase network.
Fig. 5. Circuit of the mill in the single-phase network.
Fig. 6. Connection of electrolytic capacitors.
Fig. 6. Connection of electrolytic capacitors:
1 condenser, 2 — metal connecting clamp, 3 — insulating coating.
Turning on and turning off the engine is done with the KU-2 or 011УЗ with a lever installed on the right control stick. On the left stick — the same button to connect the starting capacitor. Safety is assured by disabling the engine when you release the lever right handle and a rubberized cable, as when approaching the current, and at all intermediate connections. Mill is a shaft Ø 32 mm mounted thereon four hexagonal plates from 5 mm steel sheet. To each plate using the three bolts are mounted on the knife (see figure). They have a significant “support” surface, and the mounting angle determines the magnitude of the processed layer of the earth following a knife (if not “support” the surface of the capture layer of the earth each knife increases significantly, which leads to the stop of the motor). Was tested knives Crescent-shaped with a width of reference surface 25 mm (see “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 7, No. 10, 1987). In such knives the weight of the car was excessive, the mill was abruptly plunged into the ground and stayed.
Significant in the work of the mill is the installation and adjustment of the brakes. On electromuse it is located at a distance of 380 mm from the centre of the cutter shaft and 160 mm below the center of the shaft (the horizontal arrangement of the machine). During operation of the cutter part of the weight is almost constantly on the brake. Engine torque is not always enough when fully loaded cutters, so moving forward is a short-term unloading of the brake light by vertical swinging of the handles. On the left side of the motor gearbox is a box of capacitors 65 µf. As a starting electrolytic capacitors are used the total capacity of 60 UF. The highest voltage on the capacitor battery (in idle mode) will be Uxx=1,15 U; Uxx=253 V.
Possible applications of the unit may be milling of dense snow and ice from sidewalks. It will serve as a unit for pumping fluid. While timing chain is removed, and at the rear of the engine installed water pump (e.g., from diesel TO-661М).
Specifications elektrofarez
Length — 1400 mm
Width — 450 mm
Height — 1100 mm
Cutter diameter — 450 mm
The number of revolutions of the cutters 44 or 38 rpm
The width of the processed layer of soil 350 mm
The depth of a treated soil layer is 150-250 mm
Weight — 46 kg
Engine power — 1 kW (when using 3-phase current 220 V),
— 700-750 W (when using single-phase current 220 V).


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