ESSENTIAL REPRESENTATIONContinue the story of machines and mechanisms, built by V. A. VERBELEN—Amateur designer from the village of Zelenchukskaya, Karachayevo-Cherkess Republic. Publications “walk-behind — nothing more, Trusted assistant to the tillers” and “Minicar with the character of the all-terrain vehicle” (“modelist-Konstruktor” No. 2, 3 and 4 for 1998) described how it “Electronics”, a cargo truck and a car-jeep. This time we will focus on the construction of the mini-tractor “Chassic”.

Mini-tractor V. A. Sverbil built at the request of his older brother. He started a major overhaul of the house and was hoping to use “Electronics” to a truck to deliver building materials. However, for a long time to give the tillers Vasily could not — and your neighbor’s gardens was not expected, and he decided to “quickly” to do something that could transport the goods to turn literally on a dime (the yard is my brother is not much of a large), and at the same time to handle the garden. Tractor scheme “self-propelled chassis” fits this role perfectly. Here, by the way, and it’s called “Chassic”.

Built a new vehicle, like all he undertook Sverbil Jr., very quickly. Just a week to the court of Sverbilo Sr. drove painted blue mini-tractor, which, as it turned out, could carry up to a semitone-NY cargo at speeds up to 50 km/h and turn around on the platform of radius 3.5 m.
Assemble the “Chassic”, as it were, the forest of pine. It uses much of what is rich in garages and sheds-respecting homebrew. In this case the engine with gearbox, starter, generator, fuel tank (capacity 18 l), steering gear and components of the braking system, the designer took away from the sidecar FDD, the main transmission from a cargo scooter Muravey, propeller shaft — GAZ-51; front axle set rear wheel with hubs and brakes from the sidecar, and on the back, leading the front wheels with the side gears from the tractor T-40. Battery to power the vehicle’s electrical system 12 volt — cars, windshield wiper motor and a brush-“the janitor” — from the GAZ-69, small equipment — other machines and mechanisms.
The use of prefabricated components and assemblies has allowed to minimize the number of improvised elements of design and thus greatly save the construction time of mini-tractor.
These homemade items.
Mini-tractor “Chassic”:
1 — truck; 2 — turn signal light-front (2 PCs); 3 — wheel front (from sidecar FDD); 4 — hydraulic cylinder of lifting of a body (of agricultural crop); 5 — accumulator; 6 — front wing; 7 — fuel tank; 8 — GTZ (brake master cylinder, FDD); 9 — the steering mechanism (FDD); 10 —frame; 11 — rear wheel, leading (from the tractor T-40); 12 — cabin; 13 — rear fender; 14 — turn indicator rear (T-40, 2); 15 — beam track; 16 — transmission main; 17 — drive shaft; 18 — side gear (T-40).
1, 11, 19 — glass (sheet s4); 2, 6 — arc (tube 27×3); 3 — hinge transom (2 PCs); 4 — tool tray (the area 36x36x4, 2); 5 — transom; 7 — beam support (area 40x40x4); 8 — roof (steel sheet s); 9 — door hinge (2 PCs); 10 — the door (left only); 12 — window sill (area 36x36x4); 13 — front panel (steel sheet s; the doorway under GTZ conventionally not shown); 14,18 — sewing machines (steel, sheet s); 15 — frame doors (tube 26х26х 1,5); 16 — the door trim panels (steel, sheet s); 17 — front side (pipe 26x26x1,5, 2 PCs.): 20 bezel glass (a special rubber profile); 21 — stringer ceiling (pipe 26x26x1,5, 2 PCs.).


FRAME. She is a simple farm, cooked mostly from parts of different sections. Despite the large number of parts, the frame is quite simple to manufacture. The girder design presented in the figure and therefore needs no detailed description. Two words only that on the brackets of the side gears provided in the lugs of the attachment rods mounted implements powerful thick-walled pipe can withstand in tow and plow and harrow and scraper.
CABIN. The climate of Karachay-Cherkessia difficult weather conditions prevailing in the foothills, unpredictable. The cab for the mini-tractor is made in such a way to work it is possible at any time of the year. Including in winter, as warm air from the engine, located under the driver’s seat, well it heats. Even the walls need to be insulated.
On a hot day the cabin is easily ventilated, for this back it is opening up the transom.
The driver’s workplace is equipped with everything needed to fully manage a mini-tractor: the wheel rotation, clutch pedals, throttle and brakes (hydraulic drive only works on the front wheels), levers gear, reverse and Parking brake (mechanical drive it also only works on the front wheels), the unit control devices of the engine and of the systems on Board.
CARGO BODY. Its dimensions are small, however it fits, as said Vasily, “forty buckets and two bags of potatoes on top.”
The body is made of pine boards with a thickness of 30 mm, without knots, lined on the bottom steel sheet and reinforced on the sides with steel angles. Front and side walls is hinged, which facilitates material handling. Back while unloaded manually, although there is a possibility of mechanical rollover using the power of the hydraulic drive. On the frame, even the space for the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic cylinder: the first is placed behind the battery, and the second hinged in the ears its support. The rod it rests in the geometric center of the bottom located behind the axis around which the body rotates when lifting. Such kinematics of the simplified body structure and get rid of the need to fix it from samoopredeleniya. However, due to lack of time Vasily has left the refinement of the engine under the drive of the hydraulic system for later.
FRONT AXLE. He lever designs with one degree of freedom. Made up of several short sections of thick-walled steel pipe and attached to the frame powerful front hinge. Sleeve pins are also made of steel pipe, contain bronze slide bearings and pins, to which is welded bottom brackets hubs, cut off from pendular rear axle arm motorized FDD. On top of the pins is screwed Pitman and foot plate mounting wings.
1, 12— spar (area 40x40x4); 2, 6, 11, 14, 17, 18 — support of cargo (area 45x45x5); 3 — the support of the tank (area 36x36x4); 4 — the support of the battery (area 36x36x4); 5,10 — mounting brackets oil pump (area 45x45x5); 7 — a pedal “gas” (rods Ø12); 8 — arch seats (area 40x40x4); 9, 22 — mounting brackets rear fenders (area 32x32x3); 13, 21, 23 — crossmember (area 40x40x4); 15 — Klondike (steel, sheet s5); 16 — support of the hydraulic cylinder (area 45x45x5); 19,20 — jumper side (area 40x40x4); 24 — extension (area 40x40x4); 25 — Bush joint of the body; 26 — lugs mounting cylinder (area 40x40x4); 27 — cheeks-joint steering rollers (steel, sheet s5); 28 — joint bushing steering rocking; 29 — bushing hinge suspension front axle; ZO, 31 holder bushing (steel, sheet B9); 32 — earring (steel, strip 40×5, 2); 33 — mounting bracket GTZ (area 60x60x3,5); 34 — the crossbar of the steering gear mounting (area 40x40x4); 35 — jumper the middle (area 36x36x4); 36, 37 — lodgements (area 40x40x4); 38 — overhangs (area 36x36x4); 39, 43 — stiffener plate (steel, sheet s7); 40 — bracket left side reducer (steel, sheet s7); 41 — bushing rod attachments; 42 — eyelet rod.
Truck body

Truck body:
1 — the left Board (Board); 2 — lock side (4 pairs); 3 — hinge side (6 PCs); 4, 7 — edging sides (area 32x32x3); 5,6, 8 — crossmember (area 36x36x3); 9 — the bottom (Board); 10 — deck (steel, sheet s0,8); 11, 12 — front-left bracket (area 36x36x4); 13 — trim (steel, strip 20×3); 14 — rivet (Ø 4, 24). 15 — the support of the hydraulic cylinder (area 36x36x4, 2 PCs.).
Front axle

Front axle:
1 — beam (pipe 50×8); 2 — bushing king pin (tube 45×2,5); 3 — pin; 4 — bracket hub (idler arm FDD); 5 — bushing hinge portion (pipe 50×8); 6 — solitaire (steel, sheet s5, 2 PCs.); 7 — bushing-plain bearing (bronze, 2pcs); 8 — butter dish (2 PCs.)
Rear wings

The rear wings:
1 — wing (steel sheet 1,5 s); 2 — lining (steel, sheet s1,5); 3 — jumper-support seats (Board); 4 — bracket (area 36x36x4); 5 — M8 screws (4 PCs.).

1 — bushing king pin front axle; 2 — fry; 3,6 — rod; 4 — rocking chair; 5 — bushing joint steering rocking; 7 — the mechanism of a steering; 8 — wheel steering; 9 — foot wing mounting.

The silencer
1 — nozzle inlet; 2 — resonator (tube 85×2,5); 3 — pipe exhaust (pipe 22×3).

Here, I think, should talk about a small change in steering motorized. The set of standard nodes and details added swivel node (belongs to the stator frame and rotor — steering the gym) and the gym. Because of its rather complex form, it introduces nonlinearity in the process of rotation of the wheels, causing the inner to deviate at a large angle, which improves maneuverability mini-tractor.
MUFFLER. Assembled from pipe sections of different diameter. Inlet tube staff — from the sidecar. Mini-tractor silencer attached two regular bracket-brackets to the motor mount and attached to its exhaust pipes.
Now a little about the transmission of “Sassica”. As already mentioned, the main transmission designer took from a cargo scooter “Ant” and installed it in normal brackets engine mount. And outdoor leashes are elastic cardan shafts gear connected with forks final drives rear wheels axle shafts — cardan shafts shortened from the GAZ-51.
It would be wrong to say that “Chassic” without flaws. Like any homemade machine, it is far from ideal. His dignity in the other. He is a good example of the creative use of reality. From waste, it would seem, materials and obsolete parts rural the designer created a mini-tractor, which helps him to solve many economic problems. This attitude deserves respect and imitation.

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