Recently have retired and the new citizens as well as vacationers, avid hunters, fishermen and tourists enjoyed great popularity, convenient to carry-litre gas cylinders for fuel-efficient compact plates. However, workers filling points made “adjustments”. Referring to the alleged substantial loss of gas when filling very small containers, they almost universally ceased to serve the owners of small cylinders. To rescue a troubled people averse to filling station, but the existing equipment is not adapted for refilling litre tanks.

Desperate situations, as we know, does not happen. Moreover, when the country is an army of inventors and innovators. Offering homemade adapter for gas mini-cylinders, and is so simple that it will make any Turner.

The unit — ball gas valve (preferably of Italian origin, with a comfortable handle to switch), and two improvised burners: for gas gun and gas cylinder. In the manufacture of nozzles need to be particularly accurate. After all, when the adapter cylinder is screwed up completely, its end should rest exactly at the pin of the shutter opening stroke of gas. In addition to the gas in the nozzle is a hole with a diameter of 2 mm, but the output of it is drilled off center, in order to exclude any interference when pressing the shutter.
With a nozzle for a gas gun problems usually do not arise. In fact, it is shaped bushing threaded on the ends under the valve and filling the gun.
Adaptor for filling liter cylinders gas
Adapter for filling cylinders liter of gas:
1 — gas valve ball; 2 — nozzle for connection to the gas cylinder (stainless steel); 3 — sealing washer (Teflon or rubber, 2pcs); 4 — nozzle for connection to the spray gun of the gas-filling stations (stainless steel).

To avoid any loss of gas when filling, the design of the adapter is provided with two PTFE gasket with a maximum thickness of 2 mm. One set from the gas cylinder, the other side of the gun tanker. Instead of Teflon you can use hard rubber, but it is less durable. After all, when filling gas is strongly cools the rubber, and this material of great frost, alas, is no different.
Collecting the adapter, it is first screwed into the gas cylinder. Then, connect the gun, open the faucet adapter. After filling of the cylinder gas tap block and disconnect the adapter from the gun and the cylinder.
If there will be some loss of gas, is negligible. In a pinch, you agree to pay for these, difficult-to-count losses. But portable gas appliances, including compact plates will receive the same “blue fuel”.

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