MINI-SMOKERInspired by the example of a neighbor, homebrew and avid angler, as well as interesting developments “Modeller-designer” (see, e.g., No. 1, 2002), I made a compact smokehouse for smoked dried fish. The basis of my design — dural box size 1600x800x600 mm, assembled on a frame of steel angle 35×35 mm. Sides the smokehouse folding (for loading and unloading fish), to the cover are fastened with clasps of the type “frog”. In the front and rear walls are three rows of holes for pins pendants products, which are smoked, and smoke.

Down on the asbestos sheet is laid out in the form of a snail elektrospiral of nichrome wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm connected to the mains through step-down transformer 220/36 V. work intensity of the spiral to dark cherry color. Fuel (sawdust) is loaded through a door in the front wall of the box-smokehouse.

After stockfish, intended for Smoking, hanging on wire hooks, geared to reinforcing bars, sides closed and serves on spiral power.

Through the door poured a handful of the Apple, pear, walnut or other good smelling sawdust (pine and spruce are excluded!).




1 —terminal; 2 — elektrospiral (nichrome wire d0,8); 3 — base heat-resistant (asbestos, sheet s20…30); 4 — stand (2 pieces); 5 — loop (4 pieces); 6 — frame (steel angle 35×35); 7 — folding side panel (2 PCs); 8 — rear wall; 9 — clasp type “frog” (4 PCs); 10 — pin suspension (reinforcing bar 10… d6, the number and location— location); 11 — cover; 12 — front wall; 13 — joint (2); 14 — furnace door; 15 — handle (2 PCs.);
material details 7,12 and 13 — duralumin sheet thickness of 3 mm; small fasteners conventionally not shown

The fuel begins to smolder. Smoke fills the box and slowly goes through the cracks between the edges of the holes and reinforcing rods.

Smoked fish for 6-8 hours. A handful of sawdust is enough for about 30 minutes, so from time to time have to open the door and toss another portion of the fuel. But what turns a result!

I smoked even large pike. The taste is excellent!


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