SOFA CONVERTIBLEIn the cramped conditions of the home, whether in a small apartment or in the country, the offered sofa is convenient because during the day he takes up very little space, and in the evening can turn into a normal comfortable bed. Such metamorphoses are explained gem that the sofa is a structure able to fold to fold, being depending on the need in one form to another. The whole structure is assembled from three separate wooden platforms, connected by hinges, allowing the platforms to change mutual arrangement. Two of them absolutely identical and the third differs in that it is bilateral. What caused it, it will become clear from a more detailed consideration of their device.

All three platforms are lattice-like structures, assembled from wooden bars and planks. Each has a kind of frame consisting of two longitudinal bearing bars and connecting the ends of pairs of transverse bars, one of which is the lower support and the second upper binder. Between the binding flush with them on the longitudinal bars is laid wooden planks forming the lattice of the couches. One of the last platforms such grating plank and bottom and between the supporting bars. This platform is a shifter. Her bilateralism turns out to be justified when folding platforms in position “sofa”: the bottom of the shifter becomes a seat.

Itself the folding is done as follows: platform-Changeling lifted and placed on a high platform; the third is placed in the vertical position. For fixation it can be used any adaptations; the illustrations show the simplest of them — a tightening cord, threaded into the anchor bars and the middle of this platform (same with opposite side). Such a tie is enough, because in the “back” platform backs are also folded soft mattress.


Folding sofa bed

Folding sofa bed:

1 — strong beam frame; 2 — bearing beam; 3 — a connecting bar; a 4.7 — plates; 5 — loop; 6 — tightening cord.
A —lifting platform-back; B — medium, main platform; lifting platform seat


Soft mattress (divan)

A soft mattress (in position “sofa”):

1 —cover (upholstery or drapery fabric); 2 — foam; 3 — fixing cords


It can be purchased ready-made or sewn yourself, using foam and upholstery or drapery fabric. At the bottom of the mattress provided by the cords, by which folded to the provisions of the “sofa” he is attracted to the vertical platform, playing the role of a padded seat and backrest. The size of the mattress should be such as to cover the entire design in the “bed”.

Depending on the environment is solved in the overall design of the sofa-transformer: finish the wooden part of the structure, its “padding”; the possible overall this car seat cover is in position “sofa”. The same applies to its size (figures are indicative).

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