ARCH APARTMENTInterior of modern apartment became fashionable to decorate various architectural forms. These include decorative arch, installed in the openings of corridors. The construction of the arch (Fig. 2) consists of two shaped plates, made of chipboard with thickness of 12…16 mm, sewn stripes hardboard (fiberboard) 5-mm thickness. The arch is fixed in the opening of the wall by means of screws and wooden bosses mounted on the support-base that is attached at the top of the opening. Making the arch begins with the selection of the shape and size of the circuit (in the figure, are the most common form). The contour of the arch is drawn on a piece of cardboard in full size. The layout is only one half to use it as a template for a complete circuit (see figure).

If the opening has a bevel on the vertical walls, the dimensions of the circuit must be set at the minimum distance (size 1_1). For this purpose the markings are first, the small plate with the obligatory marking of the axis of symmetry of the arch. Then this axis is applied to the plate of a larger size with the bevels.
After marking each plate is cut by a narrow hacksaw (saw blade of the hacksaw blades), and then is processed finally with a file and sandpaper.
Parts of the arch are checked for compliance with the contours and, if necessary, finalized together.
After that, the plates define fastening locations, and according to them apply markings in the doorway. Drilled 4 holes in diameter 8…10 mm with a depth of 30…35 mm, where hammered wooden plugs. On the screws to these tubes are attached to a wooden support-base. For the strength of the coupling of a support on plane contact lubricated with white glue.
On wooden poles are installed (on the screws) lugs of wood. As shown, enough for even 4 bosses for secure mounting plates to the aperture wall.
Fig. 1. The usual rectangular openings of the corridors in the apartment.
R and S. 2. Living room with decorative arches.
R and S. 3. The main elements of the arch:
1 — notched plate made of chipboard, 2 — lower band of fiberboard, a 3 — fastening screws 4 — boss fastening notched plates, 5 — pole-mount base bosses.
R and S. 4. Configuration options decorative arches.
Fig. 5. The layout of the contour of the arch with poloxalene.
R and S. 6. Beveled opening, and defining its size.
Fig. 7. The transfer of scheinoha size of the opening to calculate the arch.
R and p. 8. Sawing the notched plates of the arch and the joint processing of their file.
R and p. 9. Mounting-base to the surface of the opening.
Fig. 10. Fastening of wooden pillars to support:
1 — the surface of aperture, 2 — pole, 3 — boss.
Fig. 11. Mount plates of the arch to the boss.

Fig. 12. The lining notched plates a strip of fiberboard.
Fig. 13. The blank side of the strips of fiberboard.

After the sample plates nailed to them from the bottom strip of MDF. Easier to mount parts (one Central and two lateral) on a bed of nails with a diameter of 1,5×25 mm with sizing PVA.
Side small strips, typically have an irregular shape because of the possible bevel of the walls. These elements are also still required to perform the bends with a small radius. Therefore, pre-made cardboard templates with the layout of the place. These templates mark out MDF and cut out detail narrow with a hacksaw. Gib-ku parts under small radius of curvature it is better to not a thick sheet (4…5 mm) and cut into plates of 1.5 mm thickness. These plates bend easily and consistently fixed on the arch with white glue and nails.
Finally, the assembled structure zashpaklevyvaetsya sawdust mixed with PVA glue. After drying and sanding all the seams of the arch is painted and glued Wallpaper.
V. KOZLOV, Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

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