HOLE? LEAD!It is impossible not to admire the rapid slide on the water surface caught wind of the windsurfer, or at least a dizzying descent from the rampant ocean waves athlete on the other Board, resembling a wide ski. Both of the sports projectile at a fairly thin shell of the hull have a fairly soft filling of foam, so damage to this boat is worth nothing — even enough it doesn’t blow. However, to plug the “hole” so, as advised by the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”, is not particularly difficult. The proposed method is also interesting because it can be applied in other similar cases, and similar structures.

The method in a kind of “plastic surgery” in which the damaged part “surgically” removed, and in its place installed the patch. The sequence of operations presented in the accompanying drawings.
So, as a result of accidental impact the housing was damaged (1). I need to start with a ruler and pencil or marker to clearly delineate the plot “holes” (2). Then gently cut it with a hacksaw, fine teeth (3). After removal of the plot “holes” this place is neatly trimmed with a chisel, and the edges with file and emery paper (4, 5). Then glued (PVA) here, a suitable block of dense foam (6) and the superfluous part of the same fine teeth cut down with a hacksaw (7). Now in the case enters a rasp or file with a large notch: the bonding is given by the configuration (8), having exactly the same adjacent to the bonding areas. Next, this place is applied a “patch” — glued construction mesh-junctions or simply gauze (9). It will be good to keep printed filler (10), which give how to dry and carefully sanded cloth pasted on a wooden Board or block (11).
Comes the turn of the final operations. Patched paste place another piece of gauze, coat it with glue (12) and top with another layer of gauze (13). After drying the multilayer patch extra gauze gently cut (14) and this place finally zashlifovyvayutsya skin.
Thus, the damaged portion of the body is restored — you can paint this place with waterproof paint or varnish (15), double-dealing brush layers, with intermediate and final drying.

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