PATCH ON THE LAWN...Now suburban suburban areas are very popular green lawns, pleasing to the eye a beautiful grassy carpet. However, they require proper care and maintenance, the complexity is almost equal garden chores: the lawn need mowing, watering, update affected the economic activities of the place.

Here is one simple but effective methods to urgently restore grass cover. Thanks to him, “repaired” the piece is absolutely not visible, as if at that place nothing wrong, and was not with the green carpet. A technology upgrade is the next.
Depending on the area of disturbed grass cover selected the right size wide Board, plywood, chipboard or sheet, enough to cover the repair area. Then shovel contrived stacked sheet so that the turf was carefully cut with no gaps, solid line.
After that, the sheet is removed and placed in another, some remote patch of lawn: it can be painless “to take a” required “patch”. There surgery with a shovel around the leaf is repeated as in the first case.
The outline with a spade impromptu
Edging with a shovel impromptu “conductor” —a wooden Board that covered the damaged area of the lawn. First, it is performed on the defective place of the lawn, then borrowed dernove coverage
Removing the defective layer of the lawn shovel
The removal of the defective layer of the lawn shovel
Laying sod
Laying sod “patches” to the repair area of the lawn
Now you can return to the damaged area and using a shovel to carefully cut and remove the defective layer. The same operation done prepared for a patch of the lawn. Gently remove and transfer to the repair site. Here the patch gently laid on exempt from the turf area, carefully align and fit the edges so that the contour remains invisible.
Removed defective layer is also useful: it can be interchanged with the patch below and there, quickly recovered the ground cover. This will require additional watering this place more often than just the lawn. The same applies to the patch: it also should be watered abundantly, especially the first time after the transplant.

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