MINI-TRACTOR EagletMINI-TRACTOR EagletThe idea of a four-wheel mechanical assistant came after several years of treatment suburban area homemade tillers, which was very heavy and difficult to manage, and during the season of agricultural works exhausting procedure. And to all I like to have a universal machine, which would help both in summer and winter, and do not take up much space and easily fits in a car trailer to transport on public roads.

I began to view my existing magazine “Model Construction” Search and drawings. As a result, there was a basic scheme of mini-tractor. Its dimensions size available in my trailer, and the track should be about 700 mm, to be able to handle the beds without damaging the plants.
It all started with the search and purchase of UD-25 engine, which I found an ad in the newspaper, although considered options for using imported motors to motor-blocks, which are now in many stores. Motor I liked the fact that it has plenty of power, and cooling system are small in size. The only thing missing – so it elektrostartеra, but this problem has helped solve one, he gave me a starter from Loisy, which is ideally approached after the finalization of the engine cooling shroud.
Once the engine was otrevizirovan and ready to use, work began on the creation of a frame, and it was very difficult because the small dimensions of the tractor, and to raise high above the frame units do not want to. was not inclined to overturn. Rama turned rectangular welded it from water pipes of diameters of 57 mm and reinforced cross members from the pipe diameter of 53 mm.

Mini-tractor “Eaglet”:
1 – the power unit UD-25; 2 – hood; 3 – change gear box (from the “Ural” motorcycle); 4 – the gear lever (for PPC on a motorcycle “Ural”); 5 – tank (by chainsaw “Ural”); 6 – spotlight-seeker; 7 – Lifting and lowering the blade lever (handbrake of the car “VAZ”); 8 – a steering wheel (from the “VAZ” car); 9 – gear lever (on “VAZ” car); 10 – seat (from “Kamaz” car); 11 – eyelet (steel s12, 2 pcs.); 12 – rear wheel (from the “Moskvich” car); 13 – the gearbox (from “VAZ” car); 14 – the generator (from the car “Moskvich”); 15 – the main chain drive (two-row chain with stars from the drive timing of the car “VAZ”); 16 – front-driven wheels with hub (from the “VAZ” car); 17 – eyelet (steel s12, 2 pcs); 18 – Lights; 19 – floor (Aluminum corrugated sheet)

1 – the front bumper (channel № 6,5, L = 350); 2 – eye (steel s12, 2 pcs.); 3 – spar (tube Ø57); 4 – cross member (pipe 40×20); 5-kronshteyn alternator mounting (50×50 area, L = 75); 6 – power (15x 15 pipe, L = 450); 7 – stand (tube 25×25 L = 720); 8 – seat crossmember mount (25×25 tube); 9 – eyelet (steel s12); 10 – ear hood attachment (steel s5,2 pcs.); 11 – an arm of fastening of the front axle (steel s5, 2 pcs.); 12 – cross member (pipe Ø53,2 pcs.); 13 – PTO mounting frame bracket (steel s5, 2 pcs.); 14 – an arm of the rear axle mount (steel s7, 2 pcs.); 15 – engine mounting bracket (pipe 50×25, L = 245, 2 pcs.); 16 – rear bumper (channel number 8, L = 350)

Kinematic mini tractors
Kinematic mini tractors “Eaglet”:
1 – the power unit UD-25; 2 – the gearbox with a clutch of the motorcycle “Ural”; 3 – bearing number 202; 4 – the main chain drive; 5 – additional gearbox of “VAZ” car; 6 – the main transfer of the “Moskvich” car; 7 – the rear wheels of the “Moskvich” car; 8 – the bearing number 206, 2 pcs). 9 – the front wheels from the “VAZ” car

To frame mounting brackets welded bridges, assemblies and seat, mounted U-shaped stand for the pedals and steering wheel panel.
The front axle is welded from pipes and welded to the ends of the plates, which are bolted through the setting sleeve bracket ball bearings. Hub assembly with the brakes and wheels are taken from the car VAZ 2106. From him and steering components: gearbox, traction and steering. steering gear shaft connected to the steering shaft of a bicycle chain as the latter interfere with other units.
The mine-tractor there are two gearboxes. “Ural” The first assembly with the clutch is taken from the motorcycle. It is connected to the motor via an adapter, then through the rubber sleeve on the same bike box is connected to the sprocket and shaft power take-off of his own design and through the double-row chain from the drive timing of the “Lada” is connected with the box of the vehicle 2107. The box, in turn, is connected with the rear axle of the “Moskvich-408”, which was shortened to a size of 740 mm gauge. The chain is tensioned between the boxes a little asterisk from timing, impaled on the end of the screw.
We would like to stay at the PTO, it can simultaneously drive the shaft to connect the ancillary generator (from the car Moskvich-412) and the pump NSH-10.
The front wheels of the car “VAZ”, and rear – the car “Moskvich” shod “toothy” tires – for better grip with the ground.
Front brakes – hydraulic brake master cylinder as adjusted by the clutch cylinder “VAZ”. Rear brakes are manual lever through the cable in place.
The driver’s seat of “KAMAZ” vehicle, it is folding, which is very convenient for the carriage of mini tractors.
After the sea trials that confirmed the efficiency of the design, was made hood that opens the gas stop on the rear door of the car “Niva”. Hood sheathed panels from “Biryusa” old refrigerator, which gave friends. For work at night set headlights.

A charge dump
A charge dump
I live in the town of Mtsensk, Oryol Region. In honor of his native land, and called his mechanical assistant “Orlеnkom”.
Mini-tractor has turned out the way I wanted, a small and maneuverable. It has 16 speed, average speed – 40 km / h. For him, produced a blade and mechanized shovel from the old 200-liter drum with a wall thickness of 3 mm, the blade can be rotated left or right by 45 ° and fixed with a screw M8. Acquired two plows and a frame for them to make independently. The tractor and trailer have the ball, to which you can attach the same car trailer, in which the body is placed, and the assistant.
Currently, work is underway to establish a cultivator and harrows.
They helped in the creation of a mini-tractor family, friends and colleagues, whom I would like to say a word of thanks. And a special thank you – a well-known magazine “Model Construction”, which I read at school: he helped me not only to create the described mini-tractor, but also in solving many technical problems.
P. S. Of course, the LE-25 motor is hard to find, but if you take the import of powerplant motoblock (sufficient capacity), it is possible to fully use the entire structure of mini-tractor, it is only necessary to make an additional flange and drill post holes in the frame of the motor mount.
A. Repin

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