FOR MUSHROOMS IN THE HALLWAYIt’s nice to try fresh mushrooms in the depths of January. You can collect them at any time of the year, if you build champignones. Externally there is a double wardrobe with size 2130 X 2290 X 1035 mm, which can be set, for example, in a large hallway.
Wardrobe is designed for the type of thermostat with walls and doors of insulated panels. The bearing surface 12 mm plywood, the middle layer of foam thickness of 100 mm, the inside adhesive tape or buckram. For rigidity thermostat edged steel corner 25 X 25 X 3 mm. From the same area collected and piping valves.
The interior of the Cabinet is a shelf (aka framing), collected from 10 vertical and 24 horizontal wooden bars section 100X50 X 50 X 30 mm to the side vertical bars are attached with piano hinges for the flaps.
Plastic drawers size 700 X 400 X 260 mm with mushroom mycelium and substrate — specially prepared with a ground — out on the guide bars into the wardrobe with the expectation that the front and back of them were formed by the gaps 50 mm for air circulation.
For the development of mycelium in the substrate the first two to three weeks in the Cabinet maintains the temperature of 18-27° C and humidity 90-95% (with no ventilation). Then, during fruiting, the temperature was lowered to 11-17° C, and humidity up to 85-90° (with good natural ventilation).
Home champignones
Home champignones:
1 — Leg, 2 cross — angle (XS 25X 25 mm), 3 — guiding bar 4 — box of mycelium, 5 — steak Cabinet, 6, 16 vertical bars, 7 — flexible air sleeve, 8 — gate, 9 — vent, 10 — cooling unit, 11 — time relay, 12 — fan, 13 — portable lamp,14 — controller, 15 — psychrometer,17 — lamp heating, 18 — tube,19 — handle, 20 — substrate, 21 — extra-long sticks, 22 — pallet of water 23 — longitudinal area of the bottom, 24 — ventilation gap, 25 — vertical ugolyn edging starok, 26 — fold, 27 — film curtain 28 — piano loop, a 29 — plywood, 30 — foam, 31 — adhesive tape.
The maintenance of the specified parameters is impossible without instruments of management and control. So champignones equipped unit from the refrigerator “the North”, a heater (an electric lamp, the bulb of which is painted black), controller, psychrometer, time relay and fan (for mixing the air in the closet). In addition, for inspection of fungi and care use a portable lamp with a green bulb. So it does not violate the temperature regime, champignones the doorway is draped in black plastic wrap. It hangs over doors with a large surplus.
To increase the humidity in the Cabinet are trays with water, installed under the boxes of the first tier. Fresh air enters through vents at the bottom and a roof. The first, bottom right, closed with plug d 120 mm with handle; the second, on the top left is equipped with a tin pipe ø 120 mm with gate-valve and a flexible hose connected to the ventilation window near the ceiling of the hallway. The sleeve is made of two wire helices are wound on one another and covered with vinyl chloride film.
The total area of the boxes — 3.36 m2. With a yield of 4 to 8 kg of mushrooms 1 m2 owner champignones can get up to about 20 kg of delicatessen products. And such harvests per year may be four or five!
“Exhaust” its substrate is a great fertilizer, it is used to improve the quality of the soil in the beds.

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