SORTED THEMSELVESEvery gardener knows that potatoes are not the same size. Therefore, the need for bulkheads potatoes obvious. After sorting it has a higher shelf life and high commodity properties: large tubers are for sale, and small for processing or for animal feed. Sorted potatoes and in the spring before planting.

Time-consuming operation of bulkhead potatoes (especially if the crop is) greatly simplified and accelerated, if we use the simplest kartofelnikova. This simple device is not extremely difficult to manufacture and its dimensions depend on the volume of work undertaken.

Kartofelnikova, or bulkhead table, consists of low wooden slatted box that is installed with a slight slope at lower trestles. The dimensions of the box: length approx 1500 mm, width 750 mm, height 250 mm. the bottom of the box consists of a narrow wooden strips along the box so that the top half of his gap between them was 30 – 40 mm, and the bottom to 70 mm. This design of the lattice allows to divide the potato into two classes. Tubers of different sizes, rolling on the grate, fall through the cracks and fall into the prefilled boxes or baskets. At the same time manually selected too large or damaged tubers, the remains of foliage and soil.



1 – lattice rotation; 2 – the wooden box; 3 – container boxes. tubers; 4 – rail lattice

Design kartofelnikova can be collapsible, portable. Make it from scrap materials and waste of individual construction (of boards in the thickness of 30 cm, sticks, scraps of plywood). For goat you can use old water pipe.

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