When landscaping a backyard or suburban area, as well as in the construction of which other individual object is constantly required to fill the fossa and sinuses soil, which needs to be sealed. Inevitable hronotropony work, and quite a large volume, for example in the preparation of the base for the concrete floor in the structure, the backfill soil into the cavities of the trench during the construction of Foundation etc. in the production of these works need a weapon impact as a tamper.

The simplest rammer — manual, and make it to anyone with a rudimentary stellarnursery skills is a snap.
If the workshop has a welder (and I think he is now every self-respecting craftsman of the person), the case is further simplified.
The tool is really simple, but its manufacture requires the consideration of several requirements. The main part ramming — her striking part, referred to as a bit strange, woman. This detail requires a thorough selection by itself as mass and growth.
The most suitable material for the women I have identified hardwood (maple) timber of square section with side 150 mm. could be used and cut round logs of about the same mass and the same surface of the sole. But ramming, they would have significant overlap of the same spot later, i.e. would decrease performance, and in the corners of the room round a pussy to seal the impossible.
The author at work
The author at work
We also produce ladies cut round, square or rectangular steel pipe of suitable cross section. However, a handle at such ramming to do cushioning or anti-vibration work gloves.
The advantage of a wooden Baba that she is much “absorbs” the impact. However, its heel — the lower end of the need to “hide” in the sole — stud steel sheet. Pre-drill holes in the flare of the sole under the nails is not necessary — you can punch them with nails fixing the sole to a woman.
The attentive reader will certainly notice some differences in the performance of individual parts ramming in photos and drawings. Mostly it concerns the upper part of the rammer.
For example, the spacer I have is made of steel square tube 30×30 mm, and the drawing of water tubes (outer diameter 30 mm). But this replacement is no practical role plays. But the handle should be performed only from the pipe of round cross-section and of such diameter that it could fully clasp the fingers.
Impact gun — hand-tamping with a wooden woman
Percussion instrument — hand-tamping with a wooden woman:
1 — Baba (tree of firm breeds); 2 — sole (steel sheet s1); 3 — nail Ø4×50 (12 PCs); 4 — foot arm (sheet s3); 5 — nail Ø6×150 (4 PCs); 6 — arm (tube Ø30); 7 — spacer (tube Ø30); 8 — us (steel sheet s3, 2 pieces); 9 — nail Ø4×50 (4 PCs)

As for the whiskers lining, they are necessary, especially if the woman is made of wood not very solid rock. After fastening the lining to the end of the rod is along the grain of the wood, and it is known to carpenters and joiners do not recommend. When a whisker is mounted according to the rules.
Do not lie the rammer and winter is required to break the frozen lumps of earth, from the icy drops from the roof snow, etc. Before starting work on the compaction of soil steel sole women good idea to lubricate the spent oils.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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