SEEMINGLY LITTLE THINGSBit by bit is going to experience handling different materials in each circle. Often, the decisions and processing methods used by the guys during the construction of the models, to the surprise of the unexpected and successful. They dramatically reduce the complexity of individual operations, increase the quality of models.
With three fixtures offered by members of ship modeling circle at the school № 35 cities of Ulyanovsk, introduces its head Vladimir Gusarov.
Holder for sandpaper
Final processing of flat and curved parts using sandpaper convenient to using a simple holder.
The fixture consists of a base and clamp. The base is cut integral with the handle bar solid wood size 20X40X300 mm. End, forming the handle, rounded on all sides, in fact the holder only at the end. Terminals provide two identical metal washers 3X30X40 mm with center hole Ø 6 mm Plates are fixed with M6 screws and nut-“lamb”. If the steel washer, then one of them the screw it is better to weld or to solder.
Fig. 1. Fit for face grinding.
Fig. 1. Fit for face grinding:
1 — base 2 — a strip of sandpaper, 3 — spacer with screw, 4 — return washer 5 — nut-“lamb”.
At the base of the selected recesses of the washer of the clamp with the offset from the working end face 170 mm, they drilled through-hole Ø 6,1 mm. Cut a strip of sandpaper 40X380 mm. One end fits under the washer from the screw, the strip is wrapped around the working end of the bar and the second edge of sandpaper is clamped response the washer and nut. The device lets you quickly replace the sandpaper at the transition from rough grinding to fine, increases the service life of the abrasive material.
Grinding table
Such a device is especially valuable for clubs. But it will be useful to individual modelers, when they face the task of precise flat grinding of many small and large details.
The size of the grinding table — 40X500X750 mm. Its base is glued together from two sheets of chipboard on top of the plastic sheet. Birch vystragivaetsja two identical straps 25X40X500 mm. Still need four “gramophone” lock with a swivel wire languages. They privertyvajutsja to the table so that in the closed position, the bars were firmly secured to the ends of the table.
Fig. 2. Grinding table.
Fig. 2. Grinding table:
1 — bar-clamp, 2 — lock, 3 — Desk base, 4 — a sheet of sandpaper.
It remains to cut the sandpaper 500X800 mm and bend two opposite edges are precisely the edges of the table. Securing one of the edges of the pull sheet and put the second clamp. For reliability of fixing of the abrasive can be the end surface of the table and bars the paste over the skin.
Soldering in the matrix
Any model of the vessel contains many small, soldered wire parts. This is particularly the time in young athletes in the Assembly of the elements such as ladders and staircases.
To build them using soldering recommend a simple device. This aluminum plate of size 70X70 mm (dimensions can of course vary depending on the dimensions of the ladders) and a thickness of about 10 mm. it cutter running grooves in accordance with the drawing. In these stacked segments of tinned copper wire of suitable thickness, and the entire device is placed on a heated iron. Additional application of soldering is in most cases not need to use a reliable soldering of joints obtained by tinning the pieces. It remains to remove the plate (it can be any way to attach the handle made of metal) from the iron and let it cool down.
Fig. 3. Device for soldering bridges.
Fig. 3. Device for soldering of ladders:
1 heater (iron), 2 — plate-conductor, 3 — clearomizer elements of the ladder.

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