RESERVES SINKModern kitchen furniture manufactured by the industry, designed for apartments with improved design where the kitchen area from 8 to 12 m2. In a small apartment with kitchen 5 m2 such headset just does not fit. So you have to furnish it from the individual items or to make furniture on your own.
So did we: substantive picked apart and washing done for yourself. And since in a small room for the device of cabinets and closets almost no space, decided to use the lower part of the sink for storage of vegetables.
The whole structure is assembled from sheets of particle Board (chipboard), laminated plastic, chosen in accordance with the rest of the kitchen furniture.
First make the main frame. It consists of two side walls connected with shelf and partition. The latter serves as a stiffener of the whole structure as the back wall enhancing all of the traditional design, the sink is missing. In one of the side walls and also a shelf to cut the window under the sewer pipe (in the drawings, these openings are not shown, their shape, dimensions and location are chosen by the place). At the top of the side panel connected the front Board having a cutout at the bottom of the sink. To the left side on a special furniture hinge mounted door.
Main frame.
Main frame:
1 — door, 2 — shelf, 3 — the front Board, 4 — side panel 5 — the partition.
Sliding drawer for vegetables.
Sliding drawer for vegetables:
1 — front wall 2 — side wall, 3 — bottom, 4 — back, 5 — wheel.
At the bottom of the sink is a sliding drawer for vegetables. Structurally it is very simple, is collected from a particleboard thickness 15 mm. the Side walls have holes for ventilation. Wheels located on the bottom of the box, may be carved from wood, textolite or use the ready-made furniture manufactured by industry.
V. BELOV, Dmitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region.
Internal frame
Modern kitchen sets produced by the industry are equipped with a sink, which is a Cabinet with dimensions corresponding to the rest of the cabinets are set and its countertops, recessed sink with water taps. The inner space of this Cabinet is practically free. Therefore, for storage of various household tools and devices I made a kind of shelf inside the Cabinet. The material took a little bit, and convenient to use. Alternatively, another refinement: instead of the shelves to make pull-out drawers in which to store tools and various stuff needed in the household.
Internal frame.
N. FEDOTOV, Moscow
With built-in cover
The trash — not the cleanest item in the kitchen. It usually trying to hide in the cupboard under the sink. Sometimes used a bucket with a flat wall. It is convenient to place on the Cabinet door of the sink. To avoid frequent contact with the bucket lid and take it every time, it can be made self-closing. This is installed inside the Cabinet shelf screwed to it from below the two channels — guides for the cover. Last curved made of aluminum, Plexiglas, vinyl plastic or other material that can bend. Bent cover edges are sort of clamps that do not allow the lid to move with opening or closing of the Cabinet doors. A bucket is hung on the door so that its edge was on the level of cover that is installed in the guide.
Sink with integrated cover.
Sink with integrated cover:
1 — bucket, 2 — door, 3 — shelf, 4 — guidance, 5 — cover of the bucket.
Now with the door closed washing bucket will be under the hood and in the door is opened the lid remains in the Cabinet held by the rear projection of the guides.

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