SECOND LEG FOR Difficult one, without an assistant, remove the rear wheel with a rather telogo scooter “Tourist”. All this has forced me to make arrangement — additional support with screw lift: it allows you to quickly, effortlessly and, most importantly, unassisted to dismantle the rear wheel.

To make such a “leg up” easy. Need to pick up a piece of water or gas pipe 1/2″, M12 bolt with nut, a piece of steel rod (it must be inserted into the pipe) and the steel plate 100X80X4 mm.
The bolt is welded to the steel plate and nut to one end of the pipe, this screw acts as a Jack. To a piece of steel rod welded steel plate thickness of 3 mm and curve it as indicated in the figure. This is a tool tray under the rear fork of the scooter. In the pipe are drilled two holes, one threaded (M5), designed for screw-pawl, and the other Ø 8 mm, for knob. And most recently, the corners of the base plate folded back to prevent sliding off supports.
The use of such a device is easy. The scooter is placed on the side flip the lever on the left side under the rear fork is substituted for “foot” (the bolt must be fully threaded into the nut!), and with the help of the knob (rod Ø 8) tube fastened with the supports, while the rear part of the scooter rises. But when the tyre is off the ground, to remove it is just.
This lift can carry, securing under the hood on the left side of the scooter on the inclined pipe frame.
A. TOLSTIKHINA, Korkino, Chelyabinsk region

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