WINTER AND SUMMERWINTER AND SUMMERI am the son of a mechanic; was born and live in a rural area in the Northern territory. Craving for glands, to equipment I can say that since childhood. While still a “beardless boy”, made a tricycle on the tires. But a serious love of cars started after the publication in № 11’91 of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” (a regular reader of which I am) on crawler-ski snowmobile “Idea-2” brothers Matveichuk from, Zavodoukovsk Tyumen region. This is understandable: in winter and summer in our area equipment — not just a means of transportation, but also the mechanization of household work: a vegetable garden to plow, wood to bring.

At first I did motonarty (see photo) with small cargo body. Thanks crawler the propeller and the motor from a motorcycle “Rising” they are able to move through the virgin snow at speeds up to 45 km/h.
My last self-made design is also from the class of motorcycles, only for a different time of year. This quadratic on the basis of the engine of the motorcycle “Tula 200”. It has a rear and downshifts, allowing you to use this means of mechanization for different agricultural works. Its own mass of about 150 kg, the ATV can transport up to 500 kg of cargo.
A. ELDERS, S. Small Arable land, Arkhangelsk oblast.

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