SOUNDS NEWEven in the recent past 10АС9 sound system, each sound column which contains two versatile dynamic loudspeaker (one for low and medium frequencies and the other, with a diffuser of smaller diameter for higher), it was considered perfectly acceptable for a home stereo. And electrical parameters it was on a high level: power 10 W, impedance DC current 4 ohms, audio frequency response 40 to 18,000 Hz. With the advent of so-called Hi-Fi equipment these speakers have become increasingly depart among the almost Museum pieces.


However, the sound veterans can be significantly improved by fitting their frequency characteristics to the level of modern acoustic systems, out of reach for the majority of our citizens because of the exorbitant cost. And it is a pity to throw away something that after a small upgrade is still able to satisfy the eyes quite a decent design, and the ear sound, almost indistinguishable from natural. Besides, all the proposed rework is only to establish a pair of additional capacitors and a homemade inductors.

The frames of the coils are made of any available material, from cardboard to fiberglass. But can be adapted and prepared non-magnetic spools (say, plastic) from the electro – or radio sets or even sewing machines. Importantly, the size approached.
A circuit diagram of a refinement of the acoustic system 10АС9
A circuit diagram of a refinement of the acoustic system 10АС9
Data for the fabrication of coils
The data for the manufacture of coils
The coils are wound in bulk. Along with additional capacitors they are fixed within the columns. Electrical installation is carried out by any (preferably stranded) copper wire in vinyl insulation with maximum use of the findings as reference points and key pads when soldering.
V. RUDENKO, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

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