SYRINGE CARTRIDGEIn the mid 50-ies of the last century, the magazines wrote that the burned out light bulb is a real treasure for lovers to make all their own hands. In particular, it was reported how to do from her flask retort magnifying glass and other very useful things. Nowadays a genuine treasure for homebrew are … used disposable medical syringes. It is no secret that they are already being applied by the craftsmen as greasers, neat coils, easy to install circuit boards. Sure, a decent place can take these syringes and in the Arsenal of computer geeks when filling cartridges inkjet printers, which (I speak from experience) are difficult at home. It is most difficult when filling is black (by the way, the most common) color.

Anyone who decides to take into consideration the following tips, you need to decide whether to buy a new cartridge or be limited to the purchase of a bottle of ink cost is much lower which may last for several refills. Note that the numbers given in the recommendations for buyers and in the instruction manual of an inkjet printer (e.g. 15 black and 78 color) are relevant only to the cartridge but not to the ink that fills it.
When buying ink, it is sufficient to comply with the minimum conditions is to give preference to products intended for cartridges produced by your printer And this is the first.
Second. On the cartridge there is a sticker with a warning on its disposable use. As practice shows, this is just reassurance of the manufacturer, it must be overcome to assure himself that the dressing may be repeated. Finally, the third. Bought a box of ink can be encouraging the words like It is Easy to Use, which means “easy to use” but… we should Not delude ourselves. On the contrary, to proceed with the work should be with extreme caution and extreme care, following sound advice from the instructions for filling the ink. In particular, to adhere to the recommendations about that. that wipe the jet nozzle need only a soft cloth moistened with warm water, because the cotton can leave lint.
Fig. 1. Offered to the market a kit for refilling inkjet printer
Fig. 1. Offered to the market a kit for refilling inkjet printer
Of technological device attached to a box with ink (figure 1), retained only the most necessary (Fig.2), including the ink bottle. However, the latter should not be used for direct transfusion of ink into the cartridge by the method of compression outlined the accordion. It is better to use a more accurate pipette two medical syringes (one working volume of 5 — 10 cm3 other — smaller, with a minimum fine needle). Of course, both before use should be washed with warm water.
On the cartridge, cut off the sealing, find the factory filler hole and open it. Upon detection of some valve in the valve-the valve and remove it; if it’s a ball, it is enough to push him inside and start at the bottom, to the side. When the holes no need to drill, making sure the output chips and avoiding contact with the inside of the cartridge. Drill bit, use a thin and reliable.
Perhaps the jet nozzle of the cartridge is on the side opposite the filling opening. In this case, you need to close them tightly pressed to the plane of the output nozzles of a piece of microporous rubber and secure it, e.g. with adhesive tape.
Next. Into the syringe through the needle rack up ink from the bottle and fill the cartridge you need. Let it be for example, 14 ml. With a syringe and this can be done very accurately, then the hole you need to stick a rubber patch.
Tires should choose fat (not less than 3 mm), for example, from car camera. And as fastening means, it is recommended to use adhesive No. 88, respecting the methodology of its use with double greasing and drying.
If the thickness of the patch will interfere with installing the cartridge in the slot, you will have to take measures to skiving places interference on the glued rubber. With the situations when the rubber during installation of the cartridge prevents its movement to the docking connector, it is necessary to lubricate the outer surface of the patches with vaseline.
In the future, rubber patch, tightly closing the opening, will perform the role of a valve in the piercing empty syringe with a thin needle to fill the appropriate amount of ink and pressure equalization in the cartridge. And another important feature.
Fig. 2. Set really necessary for refilling inkjet printer
Fig. 2. Set really necessary for refilling inkjet printer
Fig. 3. Device working pressure inside the printer cartridge using a disposable medical syringe of small capacity
Fig. 3. Device working pressure inside the printer cartridge using a disposable medical syringe of small capacity
After gluing the patch is necessary to achieve the cessation of the flow of ink through the nozzle.
In the instructions for refilling ink notes that you need to pump air inside the cartridge, not suck it out of there. But common sense and the laws of physics tell a different algorithm of actions. Of course, at the discharge of the air inside the ink from the nozzles appear even in a vertical position, it is possible and to ensure punctures glued a patch of empty syringe with a fine needle (Fig.H) and pumping air back. In short, if the cartridge after filling and sealing immediately begins to flow from the nozzle (you can check this by slightly and momentarily tilting it), you need to pump out a few cubes of air (not capturing ink from the cartridge). Pumping perform to stop the allocation of ink from the ink nozzles at any tilted position of the cartridge. Learn the same exact amount of pumped air will help measuring division on the side wall of a small syringe.
Installing the cartridge into the printer, is unlikely to immediately receive the desired print quality For printing graphic images the cartridge to be configured.
After removing the cartridge, inject him with a syringe of 1 cm3 of air (or half of what is pumped out before). Wipe the nozzle and reinstall the printer to print. If necessary, repeat the above operation several times to achieve the desired result. Do not forget that in the software settings of the printer modes are “small-big ink” and “fast-slow drying,” they are directly related to the pressure inside the cartridge. And could be that “fat” will print in the “small ink” software installations.
Vladimir SILCHENKO, S. Vikulovo, Tyumen region.

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