As you know, in a two-stroke motorcycle engines bearing-connecting rod is one of the most loaded nodes. At the same time, its technical condition depend on time and the quality of the engine. To determine the wear and furthermore make the necessary repairs without dismantling the crankshaft is almost impossible.

But in the preparation of the motorcycle or the little micro-car (map) to work in difficult conditions (e.g. competition) to disassemble the crankshaft quite often. The design of the crankshaft and effort necessary for disassembling, complicate this operation, not only at home but also in the workshops syut, sections karting, MotorWeek. The currently used method is extrusion of a finger of the lower connecting rod in the grip is far from perfect and can lead to the deterioration of this scarce items.
A simple device for disassembly of the crankshaft, the readers, developed in a circle autocostruzione the Tula Palace of pioneers. It allows you to disassemble the crankshaft of motorcycle engines with the diameter of the necks of 130-135 mm, and 29 mm, which corresponds to the engines-175 Kovrov plant and all motorcycle Minsk motor plant, that is the most common in our country.
The fixture consists of a body strap, adjusting screw and М8Х50 bolts with washers. They are made of tool steel with heat treatment, LinkOut or cadmium.
Technology disassembly of the crankshaft with it, simple. Completely unscrewing the pressure screw, fixture Assembly wear on the crankshaft, placing the body between the cheeks so that the rod fit in the cutout of the housing. Through the threaded hole in the strap for the adjusting screw is carried out centering the hole relative to the hole in the finger of the lower connecting rod. Then you put a bearing ball Ø 10-12 mm, hold his hand from falling out and wrapped the screw 3 until contact with the ball. After that, the node is fixed in the grip and finger wrap is extruded by the screws with the appropriate wrench or ratchet with a diameter of 12-14 mm and a length of 250— 300 mm.
If everything was done correctly, without distortions, the finger extruded without difficulty.
The details of the fixtures for disassembly crankshaft
Fixture parts for disassembling crankshaft:
1 — body, 2 — strip, 3 — spindle, 4 — bolt М8Х50, 5 — washer, 6 — ball, 7 — crankshaft cheek.

As the adjusting screw can be used the studs front suspension of the car GAZ-21 “Volga” (part 20-2904068), the end of which is turned according to the drawing. As for billet straps, we used a tool holder lathe cutter.
If desired, of the details of this device you can make a puller of conventional type, using the bar with the pressure screw. To do this, simply drill into the bracket and corresponding holes to provide pole and line grips or suitable bolts. When using the puller should also be applied to the ball, as this greatly reduces the effort involved in raspressovki details.
Add that with the aim of improving methods of repairing and finishing methodically members of our club for last years designed, manufactured and utilized in the operation of various simple devices, which is very easy disassembly and Assembly of components, preventive maintenance and repair.
O. SLUMPER, engineer, group leader

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