Despite the fact that the industry offers an increasing selection of bread bins, they are still rarely meet the requirement of vowel — good preservation of bread: he is in them or quickly get stale or moldy. More reliable in this respect, structures of wood, especially because they are readily available for self-production.

Here is one of them, the material for which will serve as plywood 12 mm thick. this breadbox for two features: first, it is a two storey — it has compartments for white and brown bread stacked. Second, its cover is not hard, as usual with industrial options, and elastic, although made from the same plywood.
Now more details about the device. The bread bin is from the bottom, middle shelves, two side panels, top panel, decorative cover and the rear wall simultaneously serving as a handle for carrying or hanging on the wall. All parts are connected among themselves on glue (epoxy, carpenter’s, PVA), but better — on plug-in round thorns: the design will turn out stronger.
Prior to Assembly of the workpiece is treated carefully by the edges cropnosis a file and then polished with sandpaper. The thus prepared surface is better not to paint, and beeswax or paraffin and Polish cloth. Previously on the visible plane can be applied to patterns or drawings with carving or burning. The bread bin will look good if it in several layers to cover the light furniture Polish.
Plate and details.
Length and details:
1 — bottom, 2 — cover-tonneau, 3 — side, 4 — upper panel, 5 — back wall-stick, 6 — inner shelf.
In conclusion, a few words about the unusual flexible cover. It is assembled from sawn from the same narrow plywood planks glued one to another on the fabric, which after Assembly will affect the lower (inner) layer. In the sides under the lid are selected by the cutter or chisel grooves — on them and will move the cover blind. Glued on the first bottom plate handle bar serves not only to lift the cap, and to hold her.
The dimensions of the parts of the bins are based on a small supply of bread for a small family. If necessary, they can be extended design allows it.

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