WATERS CANISTER...Regardless of large or small cans sprung a leak – plastic or metal – it can do a lot more to serve, but in an unexpected quality: the role of the spray device for irrigation of green lawns, flower beds or vegetable crops. This appeared to have cans undesirable hole large enough to add lots of small, turning it into a kind of shower head, and bring a water hose.

However, it should not be too hurry with such end perforation of the vessel; otherwise, instead of a sprinkler installation will work… luteolata. This confusion can happen if nasverlennye holes are in the wrong places and wrong quantity which depends on the pressure supplied by the water hose, so it’s best to approach the modernization of the canister experimentally and gradually, step by step.

Necessary to begin, naturally, with summing up water hose, because without test flows of water will not see the result of the done operations. Make the hose easier the canister lid, regardless of whether it is unscrewed or hinged. In any case, it should mount any fitting, the external diameter of which would fit the internal diameter of the hose. 1 the Most convenient way of fitting to the fitting on the cover with the two clamping nuts. One of them screws onto the fitting, it is added to the rubber washer-gasket, after which the shank of the fitting is introduced into the prepared hole in the cap and tightened the second nut also with a rubber gasket.

The first row of spray holes around the perimeter of the sidewall of cans

The first row of spray holes around the perimeter of the sidewall of the canister



Streamlined canister is a great sprinkler

Streamline canister is a great sprinkler

Then, still not connecting to the installed fitting is a hose, proceed to the perforation arranged on the side of the canister. To do this, first drill a series of holes around the perimeter of the sidewall of the canister, which will be always the top when watering. Close the lid with the fitting, connect the hose and as the water flows through, look at the result. If the range of the jets is satisfactory and there is a reserve of water pressure – it is possible to drill a series of holes along the sides lying in the cans for irrigation near patches of lawn.

After a sequence of training canisters, receive a convenient portable sprinkler system working not worse than the industrial spray devices.

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