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Approaching the long-awaited season for lovers of skiing hikes of the day off.
Nice and easy will playfully glide on skis along well-trodden paths in the Park or the suburbs, bypassing the dangerous descents or too sharp turns. However, this option is not always available, especially in Hiking cross-country and even wooded areas. Often forced to overcome risky for ski areas may lead to their breakage.


If that happened — experienced hikers resort to expatriate with the help of simple means in store in advance or found at the scene. For this it is necessary to always carry duct tape or electrical tape (preferably plastic) and two or three long nails (to replace knots). The latter are applied to the fracture site (after careful alignment) and tight tabinoyado tape as shown in the figure.

Field repair skis

Field repair ski:

1 — ski;

2 is a broken toe of the ski;

3 — tires (studs, knots);

4 — duct tape

Of course, in this case, the slide we can speak only conditionally, but to finish the route quite succeed.

Sleigh silver bullet

If the campaign affected not the jet ski and its owner — seasoned travelers are not confused here. To transport someone who can not move independently of the ski is easy to construct a kind of sled.

Sled skis

The sled of the ski:

1 — skiing;

2 — thick branches;

3 — ligament (cord);

4—braid (cord);

5 — rope

In a parallel set of skis are superimposed and primatyvajutsja to them the same tape several thick branches, which then the top and bottom interlace frequent rows of ropes.

Over the top lacing can lay flattened canopy tent, tucked under the victim’s head roll Mat or an armful of twigs.

As the Apple of his eye

Unlike grandfather’s wooden skis and bamboo poles modern “snow” kit — not a cheap pleasure, therefore, requires a careful attitude as during operation and during storage.

It is no longer surprising when a tourist puts on the upper ends of the folded ski special bag that protects not only them from possible damages, but also others in the carriage in the transport. But the lower ends usually remain open and not immune to traumatic blows or from gradual abrasion by relying on them.

Protection ski package

Protection ski set:

1 — skiing;
2 — rubber nozzles;

3 — ski pole;
4 — cover the tip of the rubber tube;
5 — the tip of the plastic tube

Experienced skiers are advised to protect the bottom of the skis, putting on the ends, for example, segments of bike or motorcycle cameras.

Protection subject and the sharp ends of the sticks that will fit caps from a suitable rubber tubing or even plastic champagne corks.

The heat — in package

Now ski hikers has everything for the night, even in cold weather: lightweight tents and sleeping bags, foam mats instead of the traditional coniferous spruce branches for bedding, combustible liquid fuel for fast ignition of any fire, even damp wood.


And experienced the cold will not get to the morning, when the fire has already burnt out, and the cold, on the contrary, increased. Right in the sleeping bag will warm them placed in his bosom unusual chemical warmer.

Portable hand warmer

Hiking warmer:

1 — waterproof bag;

2—powder of copper chloride;

3—aluminum filings;

4 — water;

5 — sawdust

It requires only a waterproof bag, which is filled with 3 to 5 g powder of copper chloride and aluminum filings. If you add water — starts a chemical reaction with evolution of heat. It to go on evenly and is long, the mixture in advance sawdust are added, and all thoroughly mixed.


This “oven” warms gently and is safe since no hot elements or open flames.

The lifts are not terrible

Tourists joke: clever uphill will not go, clever mountain bypass. But if the route runs through terrain with plenty of ascents on steep slopes — experienced in hodnicki resort to small cunning technique, to facilitate “ascension” in any snow conditions, even with a solid after the thaw ice.

Locking tip (initdata)

The locking tip (initdata):

1 — end of ski;

2—the stopper (metal plate);

3 — clip (axle stopper);

4 — cover plate (metal plate);

5 — screw

And the trick is this. On the backs of the skis are screwed small metal plates that when you step forward freely “dragging” behind the ski, and at the moment of impact, that is, the slippage of the skis back, they crash into the snow, providing reliable support to push forward.


A device of this “stopper”, is available for manufacture to any skier, consists of only three parts. This is actually the thrust plate, a wire clip and fastening it to the metal plate. The plate can be cut from a thick sheet so that its width was somewhat narrower leginy and a length of approximately three to four thicknesses of the latter. One narrow edge of the plate is wrapped in a tubule-loop, through which is passed the clip, playing the role of the axis. The method of attachment of the retainer clear from the picture.


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