BAG OF THE TOURISTTravel wallet in French means “necessary”. Usually this kit for anything in a special case. Well-known bags nail, drawing (drawing), road, containing Cutlery or toiletries.
Tourists are more satisfied with a homemade bag as it can be equipped according to individual needs, to make lighter, more compact, with the features of a marching life.

These features are such that tourists quite often leaves the backpack in the storage room, sheltered by him, and then just have the trails to light to visit interesting natural object.

But there are things to leave in the backpack is not desirable and that it is always better to have. They should be in the bag.

By the way, it is possible to travel at all without things like soap and towel provided, and other necessities in it.

The bag simplifies a hike in fees, free backpack from the many details. He is favorably familiar to many hand bags that does not take up arms and does not interfere with walking, its contents are orderly stacked in a more compact, less damaged. It is useful that it can be hidden in pockets or under clothing on a neck string; and if opened, its contents are demonstrated outsider gaze, not completely, but partially.

The bag looks like a notebook size 134×204 mm and a thickness of 15 — 20mm. It can hold: passport, tickets, money in several major bills, a notebook, a pencil, a ruler, an overview map (small sheet of satin), a detailed map of the area of the campaign, information about holiday vaccinations, a toothbrush, a comb, a mirror, a knife, a saw, razor and repair kits, first aid kit, compass, matches.

Place in a small fails a lot, and although the consumables (thread, matches, first aid kit) are in very limited quantities, experience shows that they have enough for a few trips (and therefore years), because essentially all it is — an emergency reserve. It is not consumed, and stored in the case when one match can mean a lot.

Design of the bag (the side view of the valves conventionally not shown)

The design of the bag (the side view of the valves conventionally not shown):

1 — cover;

2 — celluloid plaque for notes;

3 — the notebook;

4 — jumper;

5 — cover;

6 valve;

7 — hook back closure;

8,20 — caps;

9 — cell, toothbrush, swab kits and a ballpoint pen;

10 — cell arm shaving device;

11 —cell of the compass;

12 — cell of the shaving machine tool and blades;

13 — cell repair kit (motoviltse thread);

14 — pocket knife-saw;

15— pocket combs;

16 — pocket line;

17 — pocket passport;

18 — a cell of a matchbox;

19 — unit first aid kit;

21 — cover

The design of the bag next. As the basis (cover) taken a piece of skin the most finely crafted and solid tanning. For that I bought and ripped a nice wallet. Plastics should be avoided because they are not flash and they break in the cold. On the left inner side of the cover is sewn a pocket for a passport, mirrors and papers, on top of which pre-sewn pockets for rulers, combs and knife in such a way that the subjects of them did not drop out. The remaining cells made according to the drawing and have them stored there items.

Pockets stitched fabric type “Bologna”, as it is thin and durable, does not fray, does not stretch, does not rot. The skin is then unwanted because of the large thickness. Remember: blank leather wallet has a thickness of about 15 mm, which is unacceptable to us. Fabric I took a white, the color of the paper. Wanted a bag like a notebook, not a wallet.

To the right the cover from the inside has pritchel two valves with hooks and a piece of cloth cover, which is pre-sewn leather strips — jumper, and put caps under the hooks. Have pristrojj first edge of the cover to the edge cover, then alternately from the edge to the center — jumpers forming the through-cells. Through because of the easy way of machine binder ends there. However, stored items and so does not fall out. For rigidity of cells extreme leather strips before proshivkoi impregnated with waterproof glue. In the same way and strengthens the other two, neodrive-mye side of the cover.

Accessories bag

Accessories bag:

I — knife-saw;

2 — band-aid;

3 — screwdriver;

4 — compass;

5 — tray kits;

6 — box of matches;

7 — arm shaving set with needles, awl, screwdriver and drills;

8 — locking screw;

9 — vial kits;

10 — rubber tube with the tray;

11 — shaving machine set;

12 — motoviltse for thread

In place of the fold of the cover bag set caps for the neck lace, and beside them hemmed a strip of leather or cloth — bound, one edge of which is glued a thin piece of white celluloid, and to the other sewn notebook.

Now about the contents of the bag. Mirror — a piece of plate photoplan-avatele, polished titanium with a thickness of 0.5 mm or a conventional mirror. For all the number one rule: less is more whole, as the metal bends and glass beats.

Ruler measurements on the map. If it is metal, stainless steel.

Plate short (rinse) records, throughs small skin — on glossy celluloid pencil writes bad.

The notebook — ten sheet not razmokla paper.

Toothbrush — children’s or adult, but cut the length of the cell, where it is stored with the test tube kits and pencil.

Knife — piece blades made from high speed steel, whose teeth are not ground down. This knife can cut and cut not only products, but also wood and metals: tin, steel ropes, rods; the ends of the handle to use as a screwdriver. The handle is made of plaster in the hope that it can be used for its intended purpose. Length: 60, thickness 4 mm. is Not very convenient, but the preference is given to compactness. If necessary, the winding of the tape can be lengthen and thicken, placing a handkerchief or bandage. In the pocket under the knife embedded sheath of sheet metal or several layers of paper.

Shaving kit consisting of a plastic handle (for ease) machine safety razor and a few blades of stainless steel. It is also possible the presence of a set of shaving brush made from flat art brush width 25 mm, which is the pole — piece chain.

Repair kit includes motoviltse with sewing kit safety pins, sewing needles and small tools, contained in a hollow handle razor. The handle is a metal tube with a plug at one end and a metal plug in the other. At the end of the plug has a blind hole threaded for razor, and side — hole for the locking screw, which in Threadless, the depth of the hole can be clamped awl, screwdriver, drill (knife handle). Screw and tools stored in the handle.


The kit includes a swab and a tray. Tube — thin walled tube, welded, for example, from sheet metal, one end of which is plugged and the other is closed with a rubber stopper. To the last wire axis is attached to the tray foil with a thickness of 0.5 mm, on which are placed the tablets, wrapped in tracing paper with the name drugs. Tin same tray for convenient removal from the cell contents of the rest of the kit. It — to each his own. For example, I have the tray placed microemboli with potassium permanganate, a coil of adhesive tape, a ball of cotton wool, and in vitro — tablets streptotsida and tetracycline.

I know from experience: most often needed first aid kit for treating minor injuries. In such cases, I scraped with a knife on the mirror tablet streptotsida, sprinkled the powder on the wound and wrapped a band-aid.

The compass is a rectangular box made of Plexiglas, inside of which is installed on the needle, a magnetic needle and a scale of ± 20°. Such a scale is sufficient to Orient the map for the magnetic declination (in Russia it does not exceed 20°). Those who only need a compass to determine cardinal points, the scale is not needed.

Matches are stored in their box in a sealed box, made from tin. One end of the box sealed the other is closed with a rubber stopper with two notches cushion pull-out tray attached to the wire axis. For better sealing tube has a slightly convex faces and inserted in boxes completely. To be removed, there are holes for nails (like the blade of a folding knife). In the box’ dimensions 12x25x60 mm fits at least 40 matches, provided their accurate placement. Well, for example, to lay “Jack” on a sticky paper tape, and the last — accordion — in boxes. This is useful: not glued matches tend to fall out of close box when it starts the fingers, or mixed. As a result, removing a couple of matches, the owner may be surprised to find that the rest no longer fit in the box, and closing it by force, crumble half of the heads.

“It is”, is to say the person with the bag. He worries less, and the consequences of the so-called emergency situations it is not so heavy.



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