Travelers of all time, especially on long routes, had a lot of problems with not only cooking in marching conditions, but the transportation of products. These problems are present today, even for lovers of holidays on wheels.

A big challenge for the campers are packing and affordable accommodation products required for cooking in the way. This will help a simple container shown in the photo, which forces to make their own hands.

The story of the creation of a prototype for such a container refers to 1866, the period of the automobile the development of America when a man of Charles Goodnight made for the trunk of his car a box with multiple compartments. In these offices, conveniently located products, water containers, tools and miscellaneous household stuff, with whom he went. The box had a hinged lid being thrown back, it turned into a kitchen table for cooking.

You can use illustrations (taken from the magazine “Popular mechanics” (USA) to produce such a container, if you are traveling by car with a body “station wagon” or “Kombi”. For a normal car with a body “sedan” dimensions of the container will have to change somewhat fit for the size of the Luggage compartment.

In any case, before starting the manufacture of container is better to carefully measure the dimensions of the load compartment of your car, so it was no problem to set the container. The size of the domestic offices should be customized to the size of available containers, tins and boxes in which to place the products. The design of this camping caboose is clearly visible in the photo and drawings, but not necessarily adhere strictly to the given size (they estimated) and of such scheme.

Automotive stuff

Car stuff:

1 — a place for the bins;

2,8 — compartments for dishes and cooking utensils;

3 — position for water canisters;

4— compartment food wrap, foil;

5 — roll paper towels;

6 — compartment packs with sandwiches;

7 — compartments for gas stoves, thermoses, food containers;

9 — drawers for Cutlery, spices;

10 — compartment for bottles of juice, drinks,water

Shows the container consists of two main parts, and it should provide additional facilities in the Parking lot, and locating of cargo. The upper section has a hinged lid and opening to the left and right doors, behind which are cavities for different small containers of food. The lower section is designed for larger items and also has drawers for all kinds of small things. All of it is covered by a hinged, like the Secretary, cover the furniture (or piano) hinges at its bottom edge. In the Parking lot cover is lowered and transformed into a convenient table held in a horizontal position by two plate stops at the sides.

Both sections are made individually from plywood with a thickness of about 10 mm. Separate execution facilitates their loading into the baggage compartment and the installation of two stories. In addition, taken in the Parking lot the top can serve as a seat during the meal.

The names of the offices in the sections of this conditionally: even one host the use of the tanks of the container can be different for different trips, and the size and location of units will be selected during manufacture depending on their purpose. The inner surface of the compartments especially designed for the products, for hygienic reasons it is better to paint with enamel paint or paste over with a film of aluminum foil will be easier to keep them clean.


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