Il-76TD-90VDDespite the high performance, engines and avionics of the Il-76 aircraft leave much to be desired. Excessive noise and emission of pollutants to the environment, made it impossible for flights of Il-76 over the border. In this regard, the engines D-30KP replaced with PS-90A-76, reinforced center section and updated equipment. In particular, instead of flight, navigation and sighting complex K-II-76 established “Kupol-III-76M-VD” shown on two multifunction liquid crystal display. Use PS-90A-76 is allowed to increase the capacity of the machine to 2 t, the height of the airfield up to 3000 m above sea level and a range of almost 1,000 km.

The first aircraft variant of the Il-76TD-90VD modernised in 2005 by request of airline “Volga — Dnepr” and two years after seven-year hiatus, resumed flights abroad. Example of the “Volga -Dnepr” was followed by other airlines and air force. The Il-76MD-90 military transport aircraft undergoing flight tests.
Engines PS-90A-76 thrust of 14,500 kgf. A wingspan of 50.5 m. the length of the plane is 46.6 m Height of 14.7 m wing Area — 300 m2. Maximum takeoff weight of 195 t. the mass of the payload — 50 tons cruise speed — 750 — 800 km/h Cruising altitude — 9 — 12 km Practical range with a payload of 50 tons to 4500 km, ferry — 10 200 km, Required runway length is 1650 m. the Crew — 6 people.

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